Sake – Sydney

J and I had enjoyed Japanese food for a while before heading to Japan for a belated honeymoon at the end of 2008. We now LOVE Japanese food, and have a mission of finding the best Japanese food outside of Japan.


So far, in Australia, Sake is coming out on top. J has also had excellent Japanese while in Nelson, New Zealand and in San Francisco. These were work trips and I was not with him, so therefore missed out. :-(

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Waku Ghin – Singapore

Waku Ghin is Chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s Singapore restaurant, opened in late 2010. His other restaurant, Tetsuya’s, is in Sydney.


After booking flights to Singapore this was the next thing we booked. We knew we were going to Tetsuya’s in Sydney in June and really wanted to also experience Waku Ghin.

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