My Birthday

After a great weekend in Sydney, it was a bit depressing having to go to work on the Monday, my actual birthday.


I normally take a day off on my birthday when it falls on a weekday, but as I am using a lot of annual leave days for other stuff I decided that I would just have to deal with it.


The day passed reasonably quickly, and as I had gone in early, J picked me up at 4pm.


As we had been away over the weekend, we had not done our usual Sunday morning grocery shop, and J was in charge of that chore on Monday and had picked me up some birthday treats.

I had requested pizza for dinner as I think J cooks the best pizza, and he happily obliged with my favourite toppings of pancetta and chilli.

We did have a salad with it to make it a little bit healthy. :-)
For dessert, J stuck some candles in the macaroons we had brought at Adriano Zumbo’s in Sydney.

It was a lovely relaxing evening, and I had the best birthday. :-)

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