Gingerbread Cookies

I had been invited to a Christmas in July dinner and wanted to take something Christmassy so decided to bake gingerbread cookies.


These were the crunchy hard type of gingerbread cookies, not the soft chewy type. The recipe is actually from Weight Watchers and is an easy mix-in-one bowl recipe.


I used star and bell cookie cutters, I couldn’t find my Christmas tree cutter.


I changed the icing mixture to a lemon icing, mixing the icing sugar with lemon juice instead of water to make the paste.


Now, I don’t have a piping bag so I am improvised with a sandwich bag, cutting one corner off. The hole must have been too big as I had no control over the flow of the icing, it just ran out. So I just let it, and moved the bag over the cookies, the icing drizzling over them.


The ginger was quite subtle and offset nicely with the lemon icing.

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