A Tart, Pork Ravioli and a Decandent Dessert

I collect recipes. I need to try these recipes. I need to find time to try these recipes. So when I had a weekend free, I decided to try out a new entree, main and dessert.


The entree was a Caramelised Leek, Goats Cheese and Sage Tart. This recipe came from MasterChef and this dish was cooked as part of the Neil Perry First Class challenge.


The first step was to process flour and butter in the food processor.


Then add sour cream, salt and an egg.


The mixture was supposed to form a ball but mine didn’t. I was also making one large tart instead of four individual ones so I rolled the mixture up into one ball, wrapped it in cling wrap and put it in the fridge.


To prepare the filling I cooked chopped leeks in butter and oil, with garlic and salt.


White wine, stock, and pepper were also added and the mixture was simmered then put in a bowl to cool.



The recipe includes instructions on how to make your own vegie stock, but it is a lot of effort and as you only need 1.5 tablespoons of stock, I gave it a miss and used store brought instead.


Once the leek mixture was cool, I added whisked eggs, egg yolks and cream. I used sour cream instead of regular cream. Black pepper and chopped herbs were added and the mixture was ready to be put in the base.



I struggled with rolliing the pastry out, it was very sticky and kept falling apart. I eventually got it in the dish, but it wasn’t pretty, so no pics! The pastry was then blind baked.


Once the pastry cooled, I poured the leek mixture into it and scattered goat’s cheese over the top.


The tart was then baked for 20 minutes. I served it with salad greens.


I was really happy with both the look and taste of this dish and will definitely make it again.


For main course I made pork ravioli with sage butter. The reason I chose a ravioli was I had wonton skins I wanted to use up from when J and I did our Chinese Banquet. I also deliberately chose a recipe that uses sage as we have a heap of it in the garden.


The recipe I used is from The Hairy Bikers Ride Again cookbook. The Hairy Bikers are Dave and Si, two bearded English blokes who travel to different countries, hop on some form of motorbike and ride around exploring, and cooking, the local cuisine. I think they are great, and they crack me up with the way they carry on, but they know their food.


Their ravioli recipe included instructions on making your own pasta but as I had the wonton skins I skipped this part.


For the filling, I fried onion, added garlic and then pork mince and thyme. Then added white wine, salt and pepper.


Once the pork mixture was cool, I could start making my ravioli. A teaspoon of mixture was placed in the centre of a wonton skin and the edges brushed with an egg wash before another wonton skin was put over the top.



The ravioli was cooked in a pot of boiling water for five minutes.


While the ravioli was cooking I made the sage butter.

I squeezed the sage leaves to bruise them and added them to a warm pan (apparently this brings out the oil from the leaves). I then added the butter and let it slowly melt over very low heat.


All that was left was to plate up.

I placed the ravioli in a bowl, ground black pepper over the top, poured on the sage butter and sprinkled the lot with parmesan cheese and fresh chopped sage leaves.


Another yummy dish that I will make again!


So after entrée and main, there should be dessert right?


Unfortunately I ran out of time to make the dessert I had planned so it was a block of Cadbury’s for us.


It turns out even if I had been home all day and started the dessert in the early morning I still would not have had time to complete it for that night’s dinner.


I was keen to try Billy Law’s Deadly Chocolate Délice, after he posted the recipe on his blog, A Table for Two. Billy competed, and did really well, in MasterChef season 3. He made this dessert when the blue team were set the corporate challenge of making a light lunch for a bunch of lawyers. Unfortunately, the team’s definition of a light lunch was not the same as the judges and they lost this challenge. After making this dessert myself I can why Billy struggled with getting it to set, he had nowhere near enough time!


The délice consists of three different chocolate layers, and I made the first two layers on a Monday night.


The bottom layer is a chocolate brownie. To make this I whisked an egg with some caster sugar.


I then melted chocolate using the double boiler method (I never melt chocolate in the microwave).


I added melted butter and then folded in the egg mixture.


Next in was sifted cocoa powder, baking powder and flour.


I added chopped macadamias and then poured the mixture into a lined baking tray and let it bake in the oven for 15 minutes.


First layer done!


Onto the second layer, the chocolate cream.


For this layer, I again started by whisking eggs and caster sugar, this time it was just the yolks though.


I chopped dark chocolate into pieces.


Then I heated cream and milk in a saucepan and then poured half of it into the egg and sugar mix. This was then poured back into the remaining dairy mix and put back on the stove.


Once reheated, the mixture was poured over the chopped chocolate and whisked until the chocolate had melted. The mixture was then passed through a sieve and poured over the brownie base.


Back in the oven for 30 minutes and then cooled and into the fridge to set overnight.


Tuesday Night

On Tuesday night I made the third, and final, layer of the chocolate délice, the chocolate glaze.


I dissolved water and caster sugar on the stove, and then, while still over the heat, whisked in cocoa powder and cream.


After simmering for 10 minutes the mixture was cooled for 5 minutes and then poured over chopped chocolate.



Another good whisk and it was passed through a sieve.


Once cooled, the glaze was poured over the other two layers. I think I went a bit wrong here. The recipe says to “spread a layer of the cooled glaze on top”.


I poured all of it on. After seeing how this turned out, and how messy it got when the glaze melted, I think I should have heeded the instructions and only poured enough glaze on to cover the second layer. Ah well.


The whole thing was put in the fridge to set.


Wednesday Night

We were having friends aroud for dinner, so perfect timing. Before they arrived I tackled the job of getting the délice out of the tin and cutting it up.


As you can see, the glaze covers most of the sides and was starting to melt really quickly so I definitely should have used less.


Billy cuts his delice up into lovely looking bars. But I thought it was too rich for this, so I cut mine into bite size pieces. I didn’t have any gold leaf to decorate it with either.


Apart from too much glaze, I was happy with my first go at this decadent dessert. As I cut it into smaller pieces I had a lot left over, so I took it into work the next day, where it quickly devoured.


My tips if you want to make this dessert is to start it at least two days before you want to serve it. It needs that time for all the layers to set. And don’t use all the glaze mixture! You could probably use the left over for cupcake decoration or something similar. :-)

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  1. I wish I could have more free time for cooking, too! Great effort making all these dishes. I am particularly enticed by that yummy looking ravioli.

  2. Wow you’ve definitely been busy in the kitchen! And here I was thinking that that looked like the right amount of glaze too! 😛

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