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Ganesh Indian restaurant is easy to find if you are arriving by train. It is directly opposite Blackburn station on South Parade. I had meet my friend Mr H at the station and we wandered over to Ganesh.


We were welcomed warmly and given our pick of tables. It was 6pm on a Thursday night and still quiet.

It did fill up a little bit during the evening and they seemed to be doing a steady take-away trade as well.


Mr H and I took a little while to even open our menus as it has been a while since we caught up and we were too busy talking! We were served by a trainee staff member and while she was very nice she was a little over enthusiastic at times (I shouldn’t really complain about that, there are a lot of unenthusiastic and grumpy wait staff out there that could take a lesson or two from this young girl).


We ordered chicken tikka (pieces of chicken marinated with yogurt, spices, ginger and garlic, roasted in Tandoor) and vegetable samosas (potato and peas mixed with mild spices stuffed in plain flour) to start with.

I don’t know why, but I still love being served food on a sizzling plate! Though Mr H did make the very good point of why would you put salad on a hot plate. Despite this, the chicken was perfectly flavoured, tender and had that good smokey/charcoal flavour from the Tandoor.


Even though I don’t like peas, I am slightly addicted to samosas. I see them as something you can easily compare between restaurants. And Ganesh’s are very good. Light crisp pastry with a generous filling with a good balance of ingredients and a nice kick of spice. They were served with a minted yogurt sauce but neither of us used any of this, the samosas were good enough without it.

For main course, we shared a lamb korma (cooked in cashew, peanut, garlic and coconut cream sauce) and two rice dishes. Mr H wasn’t aware of my pea “allergy” so he ordered peas pulao (basmati rice cooked with green peas and herbs), and we also tried the coconut rice (basmati rice cooked with coconut, cashews and herbs).


After it arrived we realised we had gone overboard with the rice:

Ah well.


I confess that I normally stick to plain steamed rice as I don’t want the flavours of the rice to mess with the flavours of my food, and I think I have always been a bit wary of flavoured rice, worried I am not going to like it. However, I loved the coconut rice, and it complemented the flavour of the korma beautifully.


I did try the peas rice, after picking out the peas of course! It was good too. :-)


The lamb korma was excellent. A deceptively generous serve, the lamb was tender and again, the balance of flavours was spot on.

I really liked Ganesh and would recommend it if you are in the area.
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