Ajisen Ramen – Melbourne

The Ajisen Ramen chain was founded in 1968 in Japan, and after expanding internationally in 1996, boasts over 750 branches world wide.


The Glen Waverley branch opened in July 2011, and is located on the Kingsway, which is known for its plethora of places to eat, most of which are Asian.


J and I tried it out for lunch.


It is a long narrow space, with patrons sitting on wooden benches or stools.



We started with a miso soup each.


I had the standard miso soup, but J opted for the Ajisen Miso Soup; Original Ajisen Miso Soup from Kumamoto, Japan.


These are probably the biggest serve of miso I have ever seen!


It was good miso, and J’s had a good kick of spice.


We also shared a serve of gyoza; pan-fried dumpling served with Gyoza Sauce.


It was good gyoza, crispy and not slimy, with a generous flavourful filling.


For main course, I had chicken curry; sliced chicken with Japanese curry on rice.


It was tasty, not a lot of chicken though, and it was more like chicken pieces, not chicken slices. I really liked the caramelised onions.


J had a curry ramen; ramen served with chasyu, egg & vegetables in curry flavour.


J realised when this was served that he had overdone it the with soup dishes, he had had too much soup.


He basically stuck to eating the noodles, and helping me with my curry, as the grey meat and egg looked very unappetising.


We had a decent lunch at Ajisen Ramen, but would try other places along this busy strip before we went back.

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