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Da Giovanni’s is a family owned and operated Italian restaurant and pizza shop in Camberwell.


J and I went there for dinner with The Kiwi and KD on a Sunday night early in the new year. It is The Kiwi and KD’s closest pizza place and they had already been there a few times and had given mixed reviews. The reason it was selected for our catch-up was that I had a $50 Dimmi voucher that was about to expire. Dimmi is an online restaurant reservation website, and for every booking you make you earn 1000 points. You can also earn points by reviewing the restaurant after you have dined. For every 8000 points you earn you can redeem them for a $50 gift voucher to be used at selected restaurants. The list of restaurants where the voucher can be redeemed is very limited and it would be good if they added a few more, however, this is a review of Da Giovanni’s, not Dimmi!


Da Giovanni’s is split into two, one side is the restaurant and the kitchen where the main meals and drinks are prepared. Next door is the take-away shop and this is where pizzas and garlic bread are made. The chefs kept popping through the door connecting the two in order to bring food through to the restaurant.


The décor is very simple and I would say there was 10 occupied tables on the Sunday night we were there.


We started with garlic bread, which I really liked, as the butter went through into the bread, it wasn’t just a filmsy swipe across the top. I also quite like the traditional style of garlic bread, as opposed to a garlic pizza.


We than shared two pizza, an Aussie with tomato, cheese and ham. Egg is optional and we chose to include it, we also added pineapple.


The second pizza was the Ortolano, with tomato, cheese, fetta, marinated capsicum, eggplant, zucchini and a touch of garlic and olive oil.


They were fine, nothing to rave about, but edible and there was none left. I did find the Aussie a little dry in some places. I think the Ortolano was everyone’s favourite.


The younger of the two waitresses served us the pizza and had no idea what she was presenting to us, getting the pizzas totally mixed up and telling us the wrong pizzas, so we thought we had got the wrong order.


We also tried to be healthy and ordered a green salad. I thought it was one of the most pathetic salads I have ever seen.


I don’t think any of us needed it but we decided to share two desserts.


We had the tiramisu and the chocolate mousse. Both of which The Kiwi and KD had had before.



Both were presented well, and the mousse in particular was a generous serve.


I am not a tiramisu fan so only had small bite of this one but it seemed like a decent version. The mousse was really good, very rich and I ate way too much of it.


J had ordered a long black and The Kiwi and KD both ordered cappuccinos. The younger waitress took our order and when she came back over with two cups, said she had two long blacks. We looked at her and said no we ordered one long black and two cappuccinos. She then confirmed that what she was holding was actually two cappuccinos. *sigh*


I thought the pizzas were expensive for what they are and wouldn’t rush back to Da Giovanni’s.


And a big thanks to my hand and spoon model KD. 😉

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  1. Oh no, it sounds like it definitely needs some improvement!

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