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My friend Miss H was visiting Melbourne with three of her friends, and I had plans to meet up with them in the city for dinner. After sending Miss H a long list of suggestions (not knowing everyone’s tastes and budgets) she said something Asian and cheap would work for them, and I duly booked HuTong Dumpling Bar in Market Lane.


I admit I had never heard of HuTong (not working in the city definitely has its disadvantages) but after reading several reviews on Urbanspoon and by other bloggers, I was confident in my choice, even more so when my friend The Kiwi mentioned she was going there for lunch the same day.


Our booking was for 7pm but when we got there we were told our table wouldn’t be ready until 7:15pm. We weren’t fussed, it gave us time to watch the chefs making dumplings through the large window that looks into the kitchen, and listen as those that turned up without a booking were turned away as the place was fully booked, on a Tuesday mind you!.


We were eventually told to head upstairs to our table. We all really liked the decor with the exposed brick (apologies for the blurry pic).

We agreed to share a selection of dishes and went for three kinds of dumplings, a serve of wontons and a spring onion pancake.


Shao-long Bao

Pan-fried dumplings

Boiled pork dumplings

Wontons with hot chilli sauce

Spring onion pancake

The spring onion pancake wasn’t what I expected but it was tasty!


Soy and chilli were provided on the table.


The dumplings were bloody good and everyone liked them.


Though when it came to a favourite dish, there were three votes for the pancake and two for the wontons (one of which was my vote).


The staff were good, busy but polite.


And the price? Including one glass of wine, a lemon, lime and bitters, and a diet coke, it was $13 per person. We were comfortably full for the amount of food we ordered.


Does HuTong do the best dumplings in Melbourne as some claim? I haven’t tried enough places to say yes, but I loved these ones and would recommend HuTong in heart beat, but make sure you book!

(I did try and wait until the guy out the front moved away, but he wasn’t going anywhere!)


HuTong Dumpling Bar on Urbanspoon

3 Responses to “HuTong Dumpling Bar – Melbourne”

  1. I love their chilli wontons! They’re so slippery and spicy! 😀

  2. Spphawke says:

    love it Em!! Love identity of friend as well lol!!!!

  3. I Love food! says:

    Can highly recommend it! Yummy as!!!! Would be nicer sitting downstairs so you could watch the chefs…. but hey who cares if the food is great! :)

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