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After reading my post on Petaling Street, my friend Panda commented “I’m going to have to take you to Sambal Kampung one day – lovely, lovely Malaysian – and not too oily.” As luck would have it, we were scheduled to catch up the following week along with another friend, EB.


I emailed Panda and asked if that was where we were going next week, she said sure, as long as EB was happy with Malyasian as well. EB was and we organised when and where to meet.


Sambal Kampung is in Chinatown, opposite the back of the Target Plaza.

It was busy downstairs so we headed upstairs where there was only one other occupied table.

The menu is quite extensive, with lots of yummy sounding dishes.


To start with, Panda ordered roti channai served with beef rendang. She always orders this when she eats here, which is at least once a month.


I ordered scallion pancake and vegetarian curry puffs for us to share.

The pancake was excellent, and I also had s small taste of the beef rendang which was also very good. I didn’t try the roti.


The curry puffs didn’t arrive until after we got our mains and were the smallest but yet most perfectly formed curry puffs I have ever seen. Unfortunately they were also my least favourite curry puffs, they were quite sweet and the flavour didn’t appeal to me at all. I had one, EB had one, but the third was left as we weren’t keen on them.

For main course EB had a vegetarian noodle dish.

Panda had the fried kueh teow (prawn, fishcake and Chinese sausage) and elected to go with the spicy option, as opposed to the non-spicy option.

There was a slight mix up with my main, they originally brought me out a beef rendang, which I would have happily eaten. But I had in fact ordered Sambal chicken on rice.

It was really good, and we all enjoyed our mains.


We sat for a bit after finishing and were happy that we weren’t rushed out, in fact we were even brought another bottle of water.


Really really good food, and I can see why this is Panda’s favourite Malaysian restaurant. I would be more than happy to go back and try some different dishes.


We then headed to Passionflower for ice-cream. I am traditional when it comes to ice-cream and went with chocolate and burnt caramel.

EB went for a lime flavour and Panda had white chocolate wasabi flavour which she was rather rapt with.


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  1. PandoraBehr says:

    White Chocolate and Wasabi ice cream is possibly the greatest discovery since La Belle Miette Olive Oil and Vanilla Macarons…

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