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Despite loving Japanese food, J and I hadn’t yet got to our local Japanese restuarant, despite living in our new suburb for over a year. This was finally rectified when we organised to meet up with two other couples there for dinner on a Saturday night.


Sapporo Japanese restaurant is located in a small set of shops next to the Mitcham train station.


We had to wait a few minutes for a table as there was a slight mix up with the booking; our friend had rang to change the booking but they had changed someone elses booking instead of ours. No fuss, they added two extra seats to a table and we were ready.


The place was packed.

Place setting with the Japanese version of amuse bouche.

The menu is quite extensive, and we took a while to decided what to order, figuring out what dishes we should share and what to order separately (or should we do the banquet???). Decisions decisions….


We finally decided on sharing entrees and ordering separate mains.


We all started with a bowl of miso soup each (compulsory as far as I am concerned).

I have never seen mushrooms in miso before, but it was nice.


Next out was the sushi boat. This is currently priced at $58 and is recommended for two people. However, for a larger group (there was six of us) it is good to share as a starter.

There was a great selection of sushi and sashimi, there was also oysters, scallops, egg and a wakame salad, which everyone loved.


We then had three entree dishes. We ordered two serves of each, with each serve being shared between three people.


Beef Tataki – Raw beef slices in garlic & wine sauce with raw egg

Gyoza – Pan fried dumplings with pork & cabbage

Yakitori – Chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce

All the entrees were excellent and I would order all of them again.


The main courses came out a bit disjointed, with three dishes arriving together, then a wait for two more and the last dish to come out arrived 10-15 minutes after this.


The mains were:

Seafood Teppanyaki – Seafood combinations in garlic butter with vegetables served on a hot plate (two people ordered this)

Wafu steak – Beef eye fillet in home made fruity wafu sauce with vegetables served on a hot plate

Katsu don – Crumbed pork and onion cooked with egg on rice

Beef curry rice – Beef & vegetables in Japanese curry served with rice

And my dish, Beef curry udon – Japanese beef curry served with udon noodle

The noodles were underneath.

I had a try of the katsu don and the wafu steak, both were really good and I would order either dish myself next time.


My dish was good, but very heavy and filling, and not the bext pick for a 30+ degree day. I probably wouldn’t order it again.


Overall, I really enjoyed Sapporo and am keen to get back and try their other dishes.

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4 Responses to “Sapporo – Melbourne”

  1. Libby says:

    Good Japanese in Mitchem?! Who would have thought!

    The sushi boat looks impressive, oysters and all. Yum!

  2. Hotly Spiced says:

    The servings seem very generous. I do love the look of the yakitori chicken and the beef but yes, udon noodles in a curry are probably best left for a cold, wet, winter’s night but, it seems you all had a great time and enjoyed a wide variety of foods and dishes.

  3. It all looks really good! And I haven’t had wafu steak in AGES! šŸ˜›

  4. I live sort of close to there!! It’s going on my ‘to go to’ list for when I get back to Melbourne. The beef tataki looks so delicious…and the sushi boat!! šŸ˜€

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