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I had heard many good things about Vegie Bar on Brunswick street in Fitzroy before I finally had a chance to dine there. KB1, KB2 and I had our monthly catch up there on a wet summer’s night, heading to the Northern side of the city as opposed to our usual Eastern suburbs adventures.


Admittedly, KB2 works a few blocks from Vegie Bar, and has been there before. KB1, an ex-vegan, now vegetarian, hadn’t been there for at least 10 years.


The place was pumping, which I believe is the standard state of affairs. There was no space downstairs (I didn’t even notice the second room until we were leaving) but we were quickly shown to an upstairs table.

Vegie Bar has an extensive menu, and we all had a lot of trouble deciding between a lot of great sounding dishes, and then there are specials written on the wall as well! I deliberately avoided looking at the specials, I was having enough food dilemmas as it was.


On a side note, Vegie Bar has started doing raw food as well.


We started with a drinks order. A clean and lean juice for KB2 and a Gin ‘N’  Juice for me.

The Gin ‘N’ Juice is on the right, and consists of gin with fresh apple and orange juices. It was nice but I am not convinced there was gin in it.


KB1 ordered one of the organic wines on offer, but they had run out of the one she wanted one so she instead went with Richmond Plains Blanc de Noir. It was very nice, and KB2 also ordered up ordering a glass.

For entrée both KB1 and KB2 ordered the dim sims.

The dim sims went down well, though both girls were a little surprised that they were fried and not steamed. KB1 said “best fried dimmies outside of those sold at the South Melbourne Market. Also a sizeable and satisfying entrée at $4.90.”


I had the samosa.

It was really good, thin flaky pastry, and a very tasty filling, and the two sauces were delicious.


For main course, KB1 had the baked mushroom with quinoa – marinated field mushrooms filled with smashed roast vegetables, quinoa, garlic, lemon and thyme. Topped with vegan cheese on a roast capsicum and onion stew, with wild roquette and beetroot salad.

KB1 said this “was a dish I never would have thought of, and it had a mix of lots of different vegies and sauces, yum!”


KB2 had the Gado Gado – steamed vegies and tofu with mixed shoots, fresh Vietnamese mint and coriander accompanied with satay sauce and roasted peanuts.

She said the first piece of tofu was plasticy, but “the rest was great so really, no complaints as it was a good sized meal offering a filling and fresh seasonal variety of veges at a good price.”


I had the lentil burger with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cucumber, carrot and satay. I also elected to pay $1.50 to have a side of chips.

It was a really good burger and chips, and I was very happy with it. Lots of flavour and very filling.


The food we had at Vegie Bar was good, and I would definitely like to try other dishes, especially the vegan nachos. Those of you who eat meat shouldn’t be scared of trying this place, there is more than enough options to keep everyone happy.


Vegie Bar is a get in, eat and get out kind of place and the price reflects this, the food is very good value. The service however is not. It is average at the best. And trying to pay is difficult, as you end up crowded around the counter with the greeters and those waiting for a table. Someone on another blog said Vegie Bar is cash only, this wasn’t the case when we were there, I paid by credit card.


(A massive thank you to KB1 for letting me use her phone for photos as I completely forgot to take my camera. D’oh)


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