Shira Nui – Melbourne – Lunch Review

This post  covers two lunches J and I have had at Shira Nui in Glen Waverley. For a dinner review, see here.


Shira Nui do two lunch seatings. One at 12pm, and the second at 1pm. This is not the place to go for a long lingering lunch. Bookings are highly recommended.


We were seated at the counter both times, the first time at the end, the second time in the middle of the long side of the bar, right opposite the sushi chef.

Unfortunately you can’t do the omakase menu at lunch, so J settled for the sashimi lunch special which included kobachi, chawan musi, miso soup, salad, rice, pickles and sashimi. He washed it down with a Suntory beer.

I had katsudon – deep fried pork in sweet soy sauce with egg on rice, served with salad, pickles and miso soup.

I also had the cold noodle appetiser, which I love, I could eat a big bowlful.


The pork was good, very filling but it did get a bit wet towards the end, too much liquid.


On our second lunch, J had the sushi lunch special, which is exactly the same as the sashimi lunch except he had a plate of sushi instead of a bowl of sashimi.


I had the beef tataki, which is basically raw beef served on a salad with a vinegar soy sauce dressing.

This was a good option for a 38 degree day, not as heavy as a curry or the katsudon. It comes with the usual accompaniments.


I loved this dish, really light and full of flavour and it tasted so healthy! I didn’t really need the rice, so only ate a few mouthfuls. I will never say no to miso and Shira Nui’s version is quality.


There is not the range of options at lunch as there are at dinner, but lunch is by far the better value for money. I think both lunches were less than $40, so not too bad between two, considering the dinner prices.

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3 Responses to “Shira Nui – Melbourne – Lunch Review”

  1. Hannah says:

    OMG I want the sashimi lunch special! With many extra pickles.

  2. That beef tataki looks really good and generously portioned too! :)

  3. DL says:

    Love Shira Nui, if only Chef Hiro was immortal… could eat his sushi forever!!

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