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How things change. I was rereading one of my very first posts last week and in it I stated that I didn’t really like dumplings. Almost a year later I have come 180 degrees and am obsessed with dumplings. Clearly the Gemini in me coming through.


Dumpling King on Station Street is one of many places to get your dumplings on in Box Hill.

So, when J and I both had dumpling cravings we headed here to get our fix.


Dumpling King seats people across two shop fronts and was quieter than expected at just before 12:30 on a Friday. It did get busier though and I am glad we got there before the crowd.


We were served by a guy who I presume is the manager or owner, or both. He was friendly, and happy to give recommendations when asked.


We started with a spring onion pancake.


It was doughy and lacked flavour.


Next out was the pan fried beef dumplings.


J doesn’t like pan fried dumplings, he prefers steamed, but I like the extra flavour and texture the pan frying gives.


I was happy with the beef dumplings, they had good flavour and were generously filled.


J had the steamed seafood dumplings.


The skin on these was too thick and he described them as floury and only ate one.


The steamed prawn dumplings were much better and J said they were perfect.


I tried the steamed chicken dumplings


They were good but the beef were my favourite.


J also tried the steamed pork buns (no pic).


He enjoyed them but while I might have changed my mind about dumplings, I am still not convinced about pork buns.


We summed up Dumpling King as hit and miss, there was some good items, but also some not so good items.

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2 Responses to “Dumpling King – Melbourne”

  1. I shouldn’t have read this post so close to dinner. Now I want dumplings so badly! 😛 I prefer thinner skins on dumplings to let the filling shine through :)

  2. Hotly Spiced says:

    Oh it sounds like the restaurant was a bit hit and miss. But I do like all the choices you ordered. Shame it wasn’t better for both of you. xx

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