Elephant Corridor – Melbourne

My friend Teagan and I recently caught up for lunch at the Elephant Corridor in Glen Waverley.


According to their website, Elephant Corridor serves “authentic Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines in a comfortable tastefully decorated restaurant and take great pride in our service.”


I agree about the tastefully decorated restaurant, it was quite nice, and the windows at the front were opened up to let more light and air in.

I am not sure about the service aspect though, the guy that served us was pretty disinterested and I also found that whenever dishes were put down in front of us (and there were a lot!) we were not told what anything was. And even if I know what I ordered I think it is natural to say what a dish is when it is put on the table.


First to come out was the obligatory pappadums and dips.

No idea what the dips were but the green one packed a fiery punch.


We decided to share two lunch specials.


The first one was chicken curry and rice; steamed rice with chicken curry, dhal Curry and eggplant moju and pappadums

The second dish was tandoori chicken tikka; plain naan with chicken tikka, and dhal makhani

All the food was great, we really enjoyed it. And the best part was it only cost us $15 each. Bargain!


The lunch specials at Elephant Corridor are good value and despite the average service, I would go back for a tasty cheap lunch.

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