Station Street Cafe – Melbourne

Station Street café is located in Nunawading and has just been awarded a gong for good coffee. J and I hadn’t found anywhere for a decent breakfast since moving to the ‘burbs over a year ago and were keen to check this café out.


The space was promising and we easily got a table down the back.

I didn’t feel like the traditional eggs and bacon, but there was plenty of other options to tempt me. I eventually settled on the spiced beans with napoli, spinach, basil, persian fetta on pide.

The beans were bland and lukewarm.


J did go traditional with the eggs and bacon on sourdough, but he also ordered a side of mushrooms and a side of the spiced beans.

He didn’t like the mushrooms, the bacon was soggy and the bread too thick. He agreed with me about the beans. The only good part about his breakfast was the eggs. I like thick bread so didn’t agree with him on that point, though mine could have used some extra time in the toaster.


A very disappointing breakfast and I doubt we would go back.

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5 Responses to “Station Street Cafe – Melbourne”

  1. CheezyK says:

    What a pity the food was no good :( On the assumption that you’re nearish (given that Nunawading was close to you), we’re always found Barclay’s in Heathmont to be good. Don’t give up the search, good breakfast in the ‘burbs does exist :)

  2. Oh what a shame that it was disappointing! :(

  3. happydays says:

    I am also newish to the burbs, and fortunately there is great food and coffee at Miss Polly in Mitcham.
    We are regulars there now and have never been disappointed. They also use proud mary coffee which is a fabulous bonus.
    Enjoy the search. :)

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