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Circuz is a casual Japanese noodle bar and grill in Glen Waverley. I have had lunch there at least four times and each time I get the Bento box.

As a lunch special, you can get a Bento box for $18. Select your protein from the menu (I think there is 8-10 options) and the box is filled with your choice, plus sashimi, sushi roll, rice, half an egg, wasabi and fruit. A bowl of miso is also included, as is Chinese tea.


The miso comes out first and is a decent version.

For this lunch I chose tonkatsu chicken.

And J had tonkatsu pork.

I have to admit that I didn’t find the quality as good this time. The chicken was more breadcrumbs than flesh and the crumbs were overcooked and too hard and the whole thing was quite dry.


In my quest to eat more fish I tried the salmon sashimi but it is not for me. I did eat the sushi roll. In other instances I have asked for this portion of the box to be replaced with something that is not fish and my request has always been met with no issue.


I think the Bento box is good value for lunch and despite a slight hiccup this time around I would go back and order another. I would also like to get there for dinner at some stage and try some of the other food.


The staff have always been polite and friendly, never had any issue on that side.

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  1. I love a good bento box! Saves the dilemma of what to choose! 😛

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