Piyada Thai – Melbourne

Piyada Thai is on Maroondah Highway in Mitcham. I had dinner there with three friends on a Wednesday night.


As you can see, it was busy for a weeknight.

When in a group it is easier to have a banquet and we decided to have Banquet A.


First to come out were the spring rolls (two per person).

I thought they were overcooked and too skinny, there should have been more filling.


Next was the mixed satay. Two skewers per person with a mix of beef and chicken.

Everyone really liked the satay sauce, with the chicken being the favourite protein.


We had a choice of either larp gai (spicy mixed chicken salad with onion, chilli, mint and lemon juice) or nam zod (spicy minced pork salad with ginger, roasted peanuts and lemon juice). We chose the larp gai.

I really liked this dish, it was tangy, fresh and had a good chilli kick.


We also got to choose our curry (the first main course dish), and we had the massaman beef.

Everyone really liked the flavours of the curry but there were questions around the beef. We expected cubes of beef but got strips instead, and they were a bit tough.


The second main course was moo yang (charcoal grilled marinated pork fillets in honey, chilli, garlic, pepper and lemon grass).

Dish of the night!


We also had pad bai gapao gai (stir fried chicken with garlic, chilli and sweet basil).

And pad puk (stir fried combination vegetables and tofu with oyster sauce).

This last dish barely got touched as we were all full from all the other food.


But there was dessert still to come. One friend got the below dish, I can’t remember what it was called but there is supposed to be a banana in there. I am not convinced there was one…

The rest of us got the standard banana fritter, with mine looking like the saddest most deflated fritter ever.

The staff had to bring the bill to us as it was getting late and they were closing the bill. There was a nice surprise in the folder!

I have to admit that the staff also had to ask us (and another table) to leave as it was 15 minutes past closing time! Oops. Sorry. We were too busy talking and finishing our wine!


There was some hits and misses with the food, but I would go back and try some other dishes off the a la carte menu and avoid those that I didn’t think worked on this visit.

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3 Responses to “Piyada Thai – Melbourne”

  1. CheezyK says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s the place across the road from where we hire dvds. I’ve pointed it out a couple of times but we’re always a bit iffy about trying a place for the first time – too many misses among the hits – I think I’ll push a little harder to give this one a try :)

    • Em says:

      It is definitely worth trying. I went there again Sunday night and we ordered a heap of dishes to share between six of it and the food was good.

      • CheezyK says:

        Went last night with friends. Loved it! (only got a mintie each with the bill though so felt a little ripped off :) ) Thank you for the recommendation, it’s really nice finding stuff in our neck of the woods and not in the unreachable inner ‘burbs.

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