Komo – Mitcham

Komo does Japanese take-way from its small shop front on Whitehorse road in Mitcham.


There are some tables and stools for eat-in if required, or for when you are waiting for your food. They do hand-rolls, tempuras, donburi, udon and platters of maki and sushi amongst other things. For some reason they also do burgers and chips.


For dinner one night when J was away I picked up a serve of vegetable gyoza and a chicken curry.

I had wanted pork gyoza but they had run out. You can have your gyoza steamed or fried and I would have preferred mine fried but forgot to ask. They were a little bit soggy but I blame that on the car ride home. The filling was generous and tasty.

I was a little bit surprised to see the vegies on top of the curry but I guess I should be healthy huh? :-)


There was no curry sauce to speak of but judging by the look and taste of the rice it had all been soaked up on the trip home.


It was an excellent curry. The chicken was of a good quality and perfectly cooked. The pieces were a good thickness and the ratio of meat to batter was spot on.


The flavour of the curry was beautiful, I loved it. It was perfect.


I enjoyed my first taste of Komo and will definitely go back.
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3 Responses to “Komo – Mitcham”

  1. CheezyK says:

    Both of these look delicious! As weird as it is that they serve burgers and fries as well, I actually like the idea because it means I can go in and grab something like this and The Sparky can grab himself a burger and we both walk away happy … maybe they’re onto something :)

  2. Diana says:

    Freshest sushi I’ve ever had. And wow the brown rice sushi is to die for! They only have a few pieces out and mostly make them on the spot with your choice of fillings. The menu looks great think I will have to make way through the menu so I will be back!

    • Em says:

      Hi Diana, thanks for taking the time to read, and comment on, my blog. I have not been back to Komo since my first visit but will try and check out the sushi soon.

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