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Giuseppe, Arnaldo and Sons, or GAS, is a Italian style restaurant located in Crown Casino. It is the owner’s take on a new age Roman Trattoria.


After a dumpling lunch at Spice Temple, you wouldn’t think we would need anything for dinner but after spending the intervening hours wandering around the city (in a search for brown shoes for J) we decided that sustenance was again required and that as we had parked at Crown it made sense to have dinner in one of its many dining establishments.


J kept muttering about not wanting anything fancy and that all he felt like was a schnitzel. We figured GAS would be able to cater for his needs. We have been to GAS on two previous occasions and have always enjoyed it.


We got there at 5:40pm only to discover the restaurant doesn’t open until 6pm. Never fear, there is a bar area where we could sit, have a beverage and even order a snack if we wanted to (we did).


J started with a negroni, which is quickly becoming his favourite cocktail, and I had a gin and tonic. I don’t think there was much gin in it, but that was probably a good thing, someone had to drive home!

We broswed the bar snacks menu and thought the foccacia with mortadella sounded good. The bartender asked if we were staying for dinner and when we answered in the affirmative suggested this dish was more of a missed-lunch-its-4pm kind of dish. Instead he would bring us some warm mortadella with bread and olive oil.

I am very fond of cold cuts and this would be the best mortadella I have ever eaten. I appreciate how on the menu in the salumi section it lists the section of the beast each cut comes from, for example, prosciutto  comes from the back, and Mortadella comes from all parts!


We finished our snack and headed into the restaurant proper.


Bread is cut on demand.

I have always liked the dark but still somehow bright decor at GAS. You can see the meat slicing station in the right of the below photo.

We had already had our entree at the bar but J decided to have two natural oysters served raw with lemon.

He thought they were fresh and fantastic and just how an oyster should be. They were much better than the ones he had had at Garagistes the week before. He also commented on how prettily they were presented.


There was quite a bit of a wait for our main courses, and we had to ask where they had gotten to, but this might have been because the restaurant was super busy.


They didn’t quite have the schnitzel that J was craving, but the Cotoletta (crumbed milk Fed veal cutlet, lemon) was a fine substitute. J kept moving his arms around while I was trying to take a photo so there is shadow in the photo, but I am sure you get the idea, it was a slab of crumbed veal on a plate.

He was very happy and satisfied with his dish.


I had the la tagliata (250 grams of black angus rib eye sliced, rocket, green peppercorns, chilli and spring onions).


When it first came out, it looked like this:

When I took off all the greenery, it looked like this:

Perfect steak, cooked how I ordered it, well seasoned etc etc. I love it when you feel like something in particular and a restaurant can deliver. The only small issue was that I thought there was too much dressing on the rocket.


We also had a side order of green salad, and also a bowl of potatoes, rosemary, garlic.

And yes, the potatoes are as good as they look, crunchy on the outside but fluffy and soft in the middle. And be warned they are totally addictive. I had to move the bowl over to the other side of the table so I wouldn’t eat any more of their delicious goodness.


J has much more self control than me, and only had a couple of potatoes, but he had an ulterior motive, he wanted dessert! After being deprived of a good dessert the previous weekend he was determined to have the zuppa Inglese (my trifle – lemon sponge, vanilla zabaglione, chianti jelly, pistachios).


The menu description says this dessert was for 1-2 people, so I was tasked the job of helping him eat it. It was deceptively small looking…

I am not a trifle person but this was a very good version. I loved the fresh raspberries on top and J loved the almonds and pistachios. The rest of it was good too, with each (even) layer complimenting the other. It did defeat us though. You would have to have a good appetite to finish one by yourself. We thought it could happily be shared between 3-4 people.


GAS is one of those places where all the dishes you see coming out and on the surrounding tables look really good and the most popular dish seems to be the seafood spaghetti served in paper.


We left GAS feeling very full and satisfied, and would have no hesitation in going back.

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  1. DL says:

    Hrmm haven’t been here in quite a while, loved their raw hervey bay scallops

  2. Libby says:

    Ah GAS… I love the cured meats there too and the pasta dishes aren’t too bad. Can’t wait to go back :)

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