HuTong Dumpling Bar – Melbourne – Revisit

Every time J mentioned something about finding good dumplings in Melbourne I would respond with one word – HuTong. So with a long weekend upon us, and with nothing planned, it seemed like a good oppurtunity to head into the city so J could try this dumpling bar out for himself.


We arrived a bit after midday on a Sunday, without a booking. Not a problem we could sit downstairs. I had sat upstairs on my previous visit so was happy to try something different, and of course, have the oppurtunity to watch the poor chefs on display making the dumplings.

To start with J ordered the Szechuan hot and sour soup.

I should have taken another photo to show how deep the bowl was. Let’s just say it was very generous for $6. I helped with this dish and it was good. Lots of different flavours but nothing too overpowering, and as J said, the chilli was almost overbearing but not quite.


We had also had prawn dumplings (which were filled with prawn and minced pork).

I did try one of these and it wasn’t too prawny. J was happy.


The wontons with hot chilli sauce was my favourite dish last time and they lived up to expectations.

We had to have a serve of the shao-long bao. Soupy dumpling goodness.

And just for something different there were some shredded turnip pastries.

These were the least favourite of the day. They were a little blond and needed more cooking time.


Apart from the pastries we were very happy with the food at HuTong and would definitely go back and also recommend it for anyone needing a dumpling fix.

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4 Responses to “HuTong Dumpling Bar – Melbourne – Revisit”

  1. Hotly Spiced says:

    That is an enormous bowl of soup for $6.00. I thought it was for both of you. I love the look of the dumplings. And how wonderful to watch the chefs making them – I would love to see that xx

  2. What did you think of the xiao long bao? I used to think they were fantastic but the last couple of visits the mince was a gloopy disgusting mess! D:

  3. Xiaolongbao addiction… I need a Xiaolongbao fix stat!

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