Cafe Vue at Heide – Melbourne

I love going out for breakfast, even though it is not something I do very often. I think of it as a way to treat yourself to a (hopefully) nice meal out without the price tag that can come with lunch or dinner.


The long weekend was a perfect excuse to head out for our morning sustenance and as we wanted to have a look at the Heide Museum of Modern Art it was decided that we could combine the two by having breakfast at Cafe Vue at Heide.


Cafe Vue at Heide is part of the Shannon Bennet stable. I don’t know how much the man himself has to do with the cafe, but J has been eating at the Cafe Vue in St Kilda a bit lately and reports that the menu is the same at both cafes.


We arrived a little after 10am and found the cafe was emptier than expected. It is a large bright space, with the picture below showing the main dining area. There is also outside seating and an almost annexe like structure attached as well.

It did fill up quite quickly and later on when we walked past after visiting one of the museum buildings it was packed.


I started with an orange juice. I was suprised it came in a bottle but it was fine.


See the potted mint plant in the background? Each table had a different herb on it.


J had a coffee (no pic) and poached eggs on sourdough with a serve of cassoulet beans.

The beans had good flavour and the eggs were perfectly cooked, though the toast was really crunchy and J struggled to cut through it with the provided knife.


I couldn’t decided between the Duck Egg & Andrew’s Choice bacon jaffle or the Croque Madame with Kurobuta ham hock
& fried egg. I asked the waiter which was best and he said the jaffle.

I loved how simple it looked and as you can see, the eggs were beautiful and gooey and there was a lot of them.

However, there wasn’t much bacon. There were a few cut up pieces the size of a 5 cent coin scattered around but they weren’t really noticable in the flavour. I think a decent portion covering at least half of each piece of waffle would have been better.


I am not sure what the dipping sauce was but it cut through the richness of the eggs wonderfully.


Overall, we were both pretty happy with Cafe Vue at Heide, and would go back. Though next time I am ordering the Croque Madame!

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3 Responses to “Cafe Vue at Heide – Melbourne”

  1. CheezyK says:

    I haven’t had an egg jaffle since I was a kid camping! I’m not a big bacon person myself so this probably would have been fine for me however if it’s a part of the menu description I agree that it should have been a noticeable presence.

  2. Hannah says:

    I love that someone is actually making a fancypants jaffle!

    P.S. I am SO DEEPLY SORRY for not yet replying to your email! I am suffocating under the weight of bureaucratic paperwork and having to clean and pack up not only my current place but my old room at my parents’ place before I go, while also trying to catch up with all my friends and at some point try to sleep…. but I will reply, I will!! xo

  3. I love going out for breakfast too, but it’s really always brunch or even lunch for me because I tend to wake up very late all the time. 😛 I love anything with eggs and I’m loving the looks of your dishes! Although one of my most disliked things is hard bread…:( I’ve had plenty of those at brunches and they always hurt my gums!

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