Fenix – Melbourne

Fenix is Gary Mehigan’s (of Masterchef fame) restaurant on the banks of the Yarra in Richmond.


Don’t be deceived when you drive past and see the white tablecloths and fancy setting, this is the function area. Downstairs is the restaurant and this is where J and I headed for a Saturday breakfast.


We were seated at a window table.

The restaurant is light and bright and had a casual feel about it that morning.

I started with an orange juice.

J had a coffee and the house made granola with fresh milk and rhubarb.

The milk and rhubarb come separately.

He commented many times that it was a very good granola and it had good nuts in it. It was a winner.


I had the Moroccan baked eggs with smoked bacon, capsicum and coriander.

This dish packed so much flavour, I was quite surprised. It was really good and my only small niggle would be that as I am a carboholic I would have liked another half slice of bread, but that is a personal thing. Oh, and this dish was only $12! Very good value.


We had a really good breakfast at Fenix and would recommend it.

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6 Responses to “Fenix – Melbourne”

  1. I always wondered what Fenix was like inside! thanks for the post! 😀

  2. piggyeatalot says:

    Ohhhhh the brekkie sounded yummy… not many people blogged about breakfast at Fenix ^^ Must try one day!

  3. The breakfast options look a little unimatinative… but if you say it’s good, and the baked eggs were only $12, I think I might give this a try sometime 😀

  4. DL says:

    i liked fenix, it was funny when my colleague ordered steak tartare and when it arrived it screamed
    it was steak tartare – raw beef and not actual medium rare/steak hahaha. and gary was nowhere to be seen lol

  5. msihua says:

    I’ve heard that the food at Fenix is good but the service can sometimes be improved upon. I love Gary!

  6. That granola does look really good – very substantial – but those baked eggs look delicious, too. I love that they serve the rhubarb on the side.

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