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The Point, located on the edge of Albert Park lake, bills itself as a steak house with “a contemporary approach to classic dishes”


J’s company held their end-of-financial-year dinner at The Point, which is in walking distance of their office on Queens road.


We went up the stairs, past the hanging meat display and the private dining room and were seated at a table on the left as you enter the restaurant, right on the end next to the floor to ceiling windows. We could see the glittering lights of Queens road across the black lake, and could even see the shrine peeking out between office buildings. I did try and take a few photos of the view but alas, my little point and shoot camera really isn’t up to the task.


I did get a shot of the restaurant though.

And of the funky wine decanter and the truffles.

There was lots of good natured banter about who was going to eat what, and the specials only added to the confusion I think!


Once we had ordered (I held everyone by having a lengthy discussion with the waitress about truffles, more on that later), we received an amuse bouche of carrot veloute.

A choice of white or wholemeal rolls were offered, and a lovely butter was provided.

For entree, two of our party had the lobster risotto (a special that evening).

Another two had the hare royale, chestnuts, poached pear and black cabbage (no pic). And then there were two serves of the Hervey Bay scallops, ox tail and white gazpacho.

While I had the Shabu Shabu, David Blackmore’s Wagyu karubi plate, Otway shiitake mushrooms and togarashi.

The broth, which was poured into the dish at the table, was very light and delicate while the beef was flavoursome and tender. A good entree.


The other end of the table also ordered oysters, which were deemed expensive at $5.50 each. They had two different varieties and J said one wasn’t very good.

Out of all the mains we could have chosen between us I think we only tried three (or maybe only two as I can’t remember which steak everyone ordered).


I, along with four others, had grass fed steak from Cape Grim. I had the 300g Scotch fillet. There may also have been a serve or two of the 250g Porterhouse 40 days dry aged, but I am not sure, all I know is everyone who had steak had it from Cape Grim.

I liked that the sauce was on the side, but don’t really see the point of the potato, especially as the top of mine was burnt. A pretty good steak but not the best I have had.


Those that didn’t have the steak had another of the specials for the evening, the venison. I have to admit I was tempted by this, but as I had been thinking about steak all day I had to go with that!

The venison was deemed good but the serve was on the small side.


We also orded a side of brussels sprouts, lardons and brioche crumbs (no pic), two serves of beef fat potatoes and two serves of mixed leaves with a classic dressing.

I really liked the crunchy potatoes, and they came out super hot.


Before dessert we had a palate clenser, which was some sort of vanilla concoction.

Time for dessert and I have to admit, while I took photos of all the desserts that we ordered I can’t remember what two of them were, but I will say they all looked stunning. The pastry chef is definitely earning his or her wages.


These are the two that I can’t remember what they were:

This one I do know, it was the banana cake, bubble gum ice cream, warm chocolate and caramel sauce. It came out like this:

and the sauce was poured on top, breaking the layer of chocolate.

The person who has this dessert loved it and said it was like having popping candy in your mouth.


I had the chocolate mousse, hazelnut feuilletine, textures of raspberry, yoghurt sorbet.

A very very generous serve of mousse and it didn’t last long!


As mentioned previously, I held the ordering up by chatting to the waitress about trufffles. I had asked her opinion on the two entress I was deciding between and she asked if I was going to have truffles on the soup one. Truffles are in season and for $30 we could have had them on some of the dishes. I have tasted truffles three times before and am yet to get the hype, so I explained this to the waitress and she talked about how she used to be the same but now she loves them but does prefer the white ones from France (as you do). Anyway I ended up going with the shabu shabu not the soup and did not have any truffles. But later on, the waitress came over to me with the truffles in her hands to show me!

I smelt them, touched them and we had another lengthy chat. She thinks I should keep trying them but I am not convinced. She was a very good waitress though and was friendly and attentive all night. The sommlier seemed really good too, I didn’t talk to him but he spent a lot of time with J and the other guys discussing wines and having a chat.


The wines we had were:

* Louis Roderer champagne

* Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay (we would have had more of this but we drank the last bottle)

* Apsley Gorge chardonnay

* Josef Chromy pinot noir

* and the below champagne as our dessert wine

We had a lovely evening at The Point, but I don’t think I would rush back. It is a bit expensive for what it was, and there are other places I would want to try first.

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  1. The Mole says:

    Good to see you are eating Tasmanina steak. Hopefully they were Tasmanian Truffles!

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