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Tai Pan has been serving Cantonese and Beijing fare to Eastern suburbs diners for over 20 years.They also do yum cha every day and this is where J and I caught up with Nin and Andy.


On weekends and public holidays, Tai Pan offers three(!) yum cha seatings. We went to the first one at 11am on a Sunday. Looking at the times on the website the first and third seatings are the longer sessions at an hour and a half each so these would be the ones to do.


I would also say you must book your session. The place was absolutely packed when we were there and I doubt they would be able to cater for walk-ins.

I was a little concerned about it being a trolley service but I need not have worried. The trolleys came around very quickly and often and all the food we had was fresh and hot.


We started with a mixed seafood fried dumpling like thingy. Tasty and not overally fishy which was good.

There were rice noodles, which were cut in half by the waitress with a pair of scissors.

I think these were some kind of prawn dumpling.

Noodles! I love noodles and as soon as I saw them on the approaching table I told everyone we had to have a plate of these.

Pork ribs. Really good, with a hint of chilli.

I think these were called prawn toast? I didn’t have one of these.

J was excited when he saw these two dishes on a trolley, he had been waiting for chiu chow and har gow.

More dumplings, vegetarian (which were excellent) and prawn.

We had been waiting for the pork buns to get to us, but despite being spotted on other trolleys they never made it to our table. So when the waitress was giving us the above dumplings I asked her if the pork buns were coming and she smiled and said yes. Next thing I know she has brought us over a steamer of buns! We didn’t need to wait for the trolley, which I thought was really good of her.

These were good, but I still prefer the style with the dumpling like skin, I find this style too doughy.


I forgot to take a photo of the tarts before the boys tucked in but here is my lonely tart.

This was the only item that I didn’t like. The boys said it was too rich, and I found it too eggy for my taste. I only had one bite.


Everything else we tried was really good and we were very happy (and full). This was Andy’s first yum cha experience and he was impressed.


The staff were all friendly and we never felt any pressure to pick more items off the trolleys. The teapot was kept topped up with hot water, and we got our pork buns delivered. :-)


I would definitely go back to Tai Pan and would recommend it for yummy yum cha!

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