Brownkorte’s – Victoria

BrownKortes (named after business partners Gordon Brown and Martin De Korte) is located on the grounds of Evelyn County Estate around 35 minutes from Melbourne CBD.

After a morning pottering around Warrandyte, J and I, along with Mum and Dad, decided on Brownkortes for lunch.


There was only one occupied table when we arrived but a few more people did trickle in over the course of our lunch.


The rectangular space was light and offered great views across the vineyards and countryside.

After ordering, fresh bread was brought out with a oil and vinegar mix, and two dukkahs; the black one is a nori mix and the other one was nuts I think.

Mum and Dad both raved about the nori mix, but it was a bit fishy for my liking but the bread and other accompaniments were very good.


We skipped entree and went straight to the main course.


Mum had the eight hour slow cooked duck confit, fondant potato, puy lentils, baby vegetables and shiraz jus.

A generous serve and the duck could have been carved with a spoon it was so tender.


Dad had the coq au vin of free range chicken, truffle mash,roast baby carrots, smokey bacon lardons and redwine jus.

Another good sized serving and the chicken was as tender as the duck.


J had the grilled black sea bream, saffron risotto, mild curried mussel veloute, crispy white bait, baby herb salad.

I had the linguini pasta tossed with chorizo, chilli, garlic, shallots, green olives and fresh basil.

Yum, this was so good, lots of flavour and there was so much chorizo. I do like olives but would have preferred less as there was quite a lot of them.


We decided to share two of the warm soft centered couverture chocolate puddings with wild fig-honey-pistachio ice cream for dessert.

Serving the pudding in a ramekin made it hard to open it up and see all the lovely gooey chocolate ooze out, but there appeared to be a decent amount of liquid, however the rest of the pudding was a bit dry.


I was looking forward to the flavours of the ice cream but couldn’t detect any of the listed ingredients.


I think it was Martin on the floor and he was lovely, and doing a good job to keep up with drinks etc by himself. I hope he gets some help when they are busy!

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