Little Creatures Dining Hall – Melbourne

The Little Creatures Dining Hall on Brunswick street is the outpost of the Little Creatures Brewing Company in Fremantle, and serves food and beer to hipsters and food bloggers alike. :-)


J and I have shared a few dinners here with friends and family over the years but those events must have been pre-blog, as this is my first post for this place, so we clearly haven’t been for a while!


This occasion was to catch up with The Mole and iS, who were stopping over in Melbourne for the night on the way home from skiing in Australia’s other state, New Zealand. 😉


We had arranged a meeting point but not a dining destination and as J and I had parked close to Little Creatures I contacted The Mole to see if he was keen. He has also been here before so was happy with the choice and I think we knew it would be an easy option.


J and I got there first and told the waitress we had a party of four. She said there was one group in front of us but we would be seated quickly. We adjourned to the bar to get a beverage each, and true to her word, we were seated in the front room within five minutes.

We had never been in this section before, we had always been in one of the booths in the main hall but this was a good option as it was a little bit quieter.


J and I were both super hungry so ordered the fresh cut chips with garlic aioli.

I actually forgot to take a photo until the others had arrived and we had demolished half the bowl. They were damn fine chips!


Speaking of the others, The Mole had forgotten to tell me that iS’s friend Lexi was joining us. Thankfully we were able to pull up another chair and squash five people onto a four seater table!


Myself, J, The Mole and Lexi decided to share three pizzas.


We ordered the prawn, prosciutto, salsa verde, mozzarella pizza (I didn’t try this one).

And the lamb one (don’t have the full description for this one).

And the pick of the bunch, the spiced meatball, tomato, oregano, mozzarella.

iS asked if they did gluten free pizzas, they don’t which I was a little surprised about, so she had a beetroot and fetta salad

Also pictured above are the cheese and bacon croquettes, which were a generous serving and some of the best croquettes I have had. I could taste the bacon and cheese, they were fluffy on the inside with a crisp crunchy outside and they weren’t greasy.


We only spent about an hour at Little Creatures on this occasion as the three travellers were exhausted, but we were well fed and watered.


After saying our goodbyes J and I headed to Gertrude street and to The Everleigh, which bills itself as “an intimate, seated-only cocktail bar, catering to parties of six or less”.


There were no booths left in this simple but sophisticated bar, but we were able sit at a bar in one corner.

The Everleigh has an extensive spirits list, but only a short cocktail list. However, I am pretty confident that the bartenders could whip up anything you desire.


J and I both went with the bartender’s choice. We told the waitress our likes and dislikes and left it up to the snappily dressed gentlemen behind the bar to decide what we would be drinking.


We both ended up with gin based drinks.

Mine, on the right, was a take on a gin and tonic and quite good. J’s however, was the winner. It had ginger in it and tasted warm and soothing, but also a bit cheeky.


The Everleigh also sells cocktail making implements, and after buying two metal stirring spoons, that double as straws, we called it a night.

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  1. Andy says:

    Hell yes! I love their beer but have never been to Adelaide. This is on the to-do list for when I finally get off my butt :)

    I’ve tried to make croquettes like that but alas they are one of the hardest things to make properly.

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