Brighton Savoy Hotel and Seaview Restaurant – Melbourne

For my birthday this year, my parents brought me a Groupon for the Brighton Savoy.


It had to be used by the end of September so on a miserable wet windy night we headed down the Nepean highway and over to the hotel, which sits on the Esplanade directly opposite the beach.


We parked underneath the building and and were slightly concerned to see people arriving for a wedding.


When we were checking in we could see that the restaurant was set up for said wedding reception. We had a booking for dinner, where were we going to eat?


The gentleman on the reception was lovely and we soon had our key and all the necessary bits and pieces. He also checked whether we had plans for dinner and when we said we had a booking at the restaurant he doubled checked his book and then explained that dinner would be held in the Seaview Terrace (as opposed to the Seaview restaurant) and the doors to the terrace were just past the reception desk through the small lounge area (complete with books and a fireplace).


Our room was on the second floor and was neat and modern.

The bathroom was a decent size with double sinks and two shower heads.

This was the view:

After enjoying a glass of wine and a snack in the room we headed back downstairs for dinner.


We wouldn’t normally eat in a hotel restaurant and had looked around for other options but in the end decided it was easier to eat in then head out anywhere, an especially good idea considering the weather. Also, we have an Entertainment card, and this was accepted at the Seaview. The Groupon package did include a $25 voucher to use at the restaurant but we got a better deal with the Entertainment card.


The Seaview terrace is a long narrow room, and also faces the road and ocean.

As we had already had something to eat in the room we went straight for mains.


J had the 250g eye fillet steak with asparagus, broccolini, roast potato and a red wine jus.

I had the veal schnitzel served with roast potato with a lemon and tomato garnish.

Both meals were extremely good. J’s steak was perfectly cooked and he also commented on good the potatoes were.


I concurred on the potatoes, and found my veal to be tender and full of flavour. I have to admit that I think we were both pleasantly surprised by the quality.


We considered sharing a dessert but in the end went our own ways. J had the Eton Mess, meringue base topped with berry compote, cream and a raspberry coulis.

Unfortunately this was not a winner. It was too sweet and J said the base tasted like it was out of a packet and that it appeared that someone had just piled the ingredients on top of each other and no-one had actually sat down and tried to eat the whole thing. He also suggested they could have least made an effort and broken the base up or something.


I had the profiteroles filled with custard served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.

So so good. The ratios were perfect for me, though some people might find the amount of chocolate sauce too much. The profiteroles had a generous amount of custard in them and everything on this dish was excellent.


So overall, it was a good dinner experience.


We had been up early and I was asleep by 9:30pm. The traffic on the road wasn’t an issue. We both thought we heard music at some stage but it didn’t bother us. We did hear people coming back to the rooms quite late but they moved on pretty quickly and didn’t linger.


After a good night’s sleep we were awake by 7:15 and headed downstairs for breakfast, which was also in the Seaview Terrace and was included as part of our package.

In the reception/lounge area you can help yourself to fruit, yoghurt and toast, as well as tea, coffee and juices.

There is also a limited hot menu, mainly different styles of eggs. We both had poached eggs, mine with bacon and J’s with baked beans.

Nothing fancy and J said the beans were out of a tin but it got us off to a decent start. We packed up and headed home.


Also included in the Groupon voucher was a bottle of sparkling wine (not pictured), two mini Brighton bathing boxes and a coastal trails booklet, all of which came home with us.

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3 Responses to “Brighton Savoy Hotel and Seaview Restaurant – Melbourne”

  1. CheezyK says:

    Looks like a lovely spot for a bit of time out.

  2. Libby says:

    Ahh gotta love getaways, even if they’re not out of town. Sometimes it’s just good to just sleep somewhere that’s away from your house :)

    It’s a shame that J’s eton mess wasn’t particularly good, but everything else looked delicious.

  3. It sounds like some things were really good like the mains and your dessert. Sometimes yes it’s easier to eat in :)

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