USA Road Trip – Day 12 – North Rim to Bryce Canyon

We didn’t set an alarm this morning but were still awake around 8am. I thought we may have heard people up and about earlier walking past the cabin but all was quiet.


Breakfast was again purchased from the Saloon and eaten on the west terrace.

J started packing the car up and I got in line at reception to check out, and the couple that recognised us from Monument valley were behind me so we had a chat about our next destination. I wasn’t too surprised when they said they were also going onto Bryce Canyon. But we were staying at different hotels this time.


We bid a sad farewell to North Rim. Along with Yosemite it was my favourite stop on our road trip.

Apart from a driver change we didn’t stop until just before Bryce Canyon where we stopped at Bryce Canyon Pines for lunch.


This is a family run restaurant known for their fruit pies.

Check out the size of J’s iced tea!

His sandwich was just as big!

I had the french onion sandwich which is a beef sandwich with a dipping sauce.

Both sandwiches were good and left no room for pies. :-(


I didn’t think about it at the time but we should have got pie to take-away.


It was around 1pm by this time and we thought we would try our luck at our accommodation, the Best Western Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel. Luckily, our room was ready and we were able to check-in. Our cases etc were unloaded and once again we got ourselves ready for some hiking action.


We drove the short distance into the national park itself, showing our annual pass at the entry booth. We parked at sunset point and admired the view before heading down into the canyon.

We did the loop walk from sunset point to sunrise point, which took a couple of hours. Apart from the squirrels and chipmunks I also saw people that I recognised from dinner the night before at North Rim!


This section of the canyon is referred to as Wall Street.

Looking back up. The tall skinnier structures are called hoodoos.

This little fellow was enjoying a snack.

Another furry critter (a chipmunk this time) also enjoying a snack. He was digging something out of the pinecone.

It is a short stroll on a paved path along the rim of the canyon between the two points. Along the way was this sign, which I found amusing.

We then drove to Bryce Point, which offers a great view of the canyon as a whole.

On the way back to our hotel we checked out the Lodge at Bryce Canyon, another lodge by the same people as the lodge at North Rim and The Ahwahnee in Yosemite. We asked about making a dinner reservation but was told they don’t take bookings but if we were there by 6:30 we should be OK.


Back at the Best Western I decided I need some pool time.

The pool was freezing! I didn’t last very long in there and decided the spa would be a better option. It was lovely and warm and wonderful on a tired aching body. J soon joined me but there were storm clouds overhead and when the lightning started, we thought it safer to go back to the room! We did have plans to come back after dinner if the storm had cleared but we were too tired.


We were back at the lodge early enough to easily get a table and were seated in the main dining room.

Bread was brought out and promptly fell off the board and onto the table. I picked it up and carried on.

The drinks server came to take our orders but when J said he would like a non-alcoholic beer, we were told he couldn’t serve us alcohol and would have to get someone else (he was under 21). I was confused as we didn’t want alcohol, and tried to explain this to him but he didn’t seem to get it. Someone else brought over the non-alcoholic beer.


We shared an entree of elk chilli.

So damn good. It had a richer flavour than beef but wasn’t gamey. It was served with crackers but it also worked well with the bread.


For his main course J ordered (blurry) pork fillets. He was asked how he wanted the pork cooked, which startled him, as most people don’t eat rare or medium pork. He wisely chose well done.

I had a serve of ribs with a wonderful smokey sauce and an awesome white bean and bacon mix.

Again we were too full for dessert. :-(


On the way out to the car we ran into our ‘friends’ from North Rim. They had only just arrived as they had detoured to Zion Canyon on the way. We had a quick chat and told them what we had eaten and wished them all the best for the rest of their holiday.


On the way back to the hotel we had to stop and wait while deers crossed the road!


We watched some TV and read before hitting the sack.
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3 Responses to “USA Road Trip – Day 12 – North Rim to Bryce Canyon”

  1. Hannah says:

    1. I just left a place in New York that was two blocks from Wall Street, and I walked it at least twice a day without bothering to take photos.
    2. I have plans for elk and moose when I visit a particularly friend in remote Ontaria.
    3. We are very different. When I go somewhere known for dessert, I either order dessert first, or get something pointless like a salad so that I know I have room. Bah, humbug. 😉

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Em! So jealous you made it to Bryce Canyon – so many people told me to get there, but it was just too difficult if you didn’t have a car. Did you think it was better than the Grand Canyon?? That’s what a lot of people told me… so I’d be interested to hear what you think…

    • Em says:

      Hi Helen,
      Grand Canyon is MUCH better than Bryce Canyon! We both felt after we did one hike and went to Bryce Point that we had done Bryce and there was no need to spend anymore time there or go back. It is definitely very different to the other canyons and worth a look but one night was enough for us. We could have spent more time at North Rim and also at Zion Canyon where we went to after Bryce.

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