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Dish Restaurant is attached to The Royce Hotel in St Kilda road. It claims to be “not your ordinary hotel restaurant. In fact it is nothing like a hotel restaurant.”


J and I needed somewhere to dine after making the annual pilgrimage to the accountant to see how much we owe Mr Tax Man. Dish was our chosen destination as it was over the road from where we had to be and also it is on the Entertainment card (need all the discounts we can get!).


I thought the fit out and decor was very unlike any other hotel restaurant I have seen so points for that.

They also get points for providing the option of either butter or olive oil for the bread.

We had already had a snack in the Amberoom next door, so decided that a main each and then maybe a dessert was the best option. We also had a side of grilled zucchini with tomato and chilli.

J had the roasted fillet of local snapper with pea puree, potato croquette and roma tomato sauce.

He said the fish was well cooked and he enjoyed the dish. I had a bite of the croquette and it was crunchy with a firmly packed filling.


I had the linguine with swiss browns, free range chicken and hand pounded pesto.

This was the smaller of the two serving sizes. The waitress asked the chef about the sizes (as everyone always asks how big they are) and told me that the larger size is double this one!


It was OK, the pesto was gritty and there were way too many mushrooms for my taste.


Unfortuantely we were both super full after our mains so had to decline dessert.


Dish was nice, not spectacular. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there but it was convenient at the time.
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  1. It sounds like it’s one of those hotel restaurants that you go to if you are tired or don’t want to venture out. Would you agree? :)

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