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Me Wah is a fine dining Chinese restaurant in Launceston, Tasmania. Consistently winning awards for both food and wine, Me Wah combines “traditional Cantonese cooking techniques with Tasmania’s freshest produce, to create a fused menu of eye popping spices and unique flavours to take Tasmanian’s out of their cuisine comfort zone.”


On a recent visit to the island state, J and I, along with mum and dad, ventured out to Me Wah for a Saturday night dinner.


This was mine and J’s second visit to Me Wah, the first being five years ago, and we had always been keen to go back. The first thing we noticed was the change in decor. You can see on the restaurant’s website how it it used to look, all exposed brick and wooden panelling. Maybe a little outdated but it was warmer and had more atmosphere than this:

Very stark and very boring. While I can see the need to update and be a bit more modern I think they have gone in the wrong direction here. I am really hoping they just haven’t finished with their renovations plans…


Any-hoo, we were seated at a table just inside the doorway and next to the bar area, a little odd but we survived.


Menus were persued and much debate was had about what to order. The options, like most Chinese eating establishments, were a little overwhelming.


Wine was also sorted, and we started with a bottle of 2008 Pierro Chardonnay from Margaret River in Western Australia, and a beer for Dad! The Pierro is one of Australia’s best chardies and was stunning.


For entree, mum had the chicken and sweet corn soup (a favourite – diced chicken and corn in velvety broth).

I loved the bowl and it was a generous serving. J helped mum finish it with both of them saying it was the best chicken and corn soup they have had.


Dad had the mixed entree (chicken spring roll, pork dim sim, chicken ham roll).

Another happy camper. After having a bite of the Peking duck I had ordered he declared he had made the right decision with this entree and with a few more pieces he could have made a meal out of it.


J had the steamed assorted dumplings (prawn dumpling, crayfish dumpling, scallop dumpling, vegetarian dumpling).

I was gifted the vegetarian dumpling which was full of vegies and nuts and had a great mix of flavour and textures. J enjoyed the others with the scallop version being his favourite.


And I had the Peking duck. I had to wait a bit longer than everyone else to get my entree but it was worth it.

The pancakes were the perfect thickness and the amount of duck was the most I have ever seen. I also liked that I got an extra bowl of hoison sauce.


J and Dad moved onto a half bottle of 2006 Rockford Basket Press Shiraz from the Barossa Valley in South Australia, while mum and I started on another bottle of the Pierro.


For main course, both J and dad had the eye fillet szechuan (30grams, wok seared eye fillets, two kind of capsicums, onion, Szechuan chilli sauce).

After trying both mine and mum’s main dishes dad again declared himself very happy with his choice and he and J agreed that the level of heat in this dish was spot on.


Mum isn’t the biggest fan of Chinese food and I only convinved her that we should go to Me Wah when I promised her that we wouldn’t do a banquet (like we did last time) and she could order lemon chicken (deep fried breast fillets with lemon sauce). :-)

OK, so it looks a bit fluorescent but it was one of the best renditions of this popular dish any of us had. The chicken was incredibly tender and contrasted well with the crunchy outside and the lemon flavour was true and not overpowering.


I also had a chicken dish, the chilli herb chicken (deep fried chicken breast fillets, herbs & spices, dried chilli, garlic,
ginger, shallot, Shao Xing rice wine).

A dry dish that had buckets of flavour but wow, those chillis packed a punch!


Moving onto desserts, dad had the banana fritter (sun ripened banana lightly battered topped with syrup, served with ice cream & cream).

Mum and J both had a banana split (sun ripened banana served with ice cream & cream, topped with syrup and sprinkled with crushed nuts). (the biscuity thing was standing up when the dish arrived).

And I had the dark chocolate pudding (served warm with chocolate sauce & fine vanilla ice cream). Very Chinese of me I know!

I was actually surprised by how good this was.


The service throughout our meal was polite, discrete and professional.


In summary, love the food and service at Me Wah but let’s hope they do something with that decor (or lack thereof)…
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3 Responses to “Me Wah – Launceston”

  1. Hannah says:

    “Sun-ripened” banana? As opposed to…. *giggles* Ah well, dessert is always a good thing.

  2. The Mole says:

    @Hannah, a lot of bannans are picked green and delivered from QLD to various states, in this un-rippended state. They are then gassed with a syntheitc version of the natural gas they produce to make them rippen, this way they are in the supermarkets looking, freash, ripe and un-bruised.

    Sun-ripened I assume means they have ripened natural on the plant. Amazing what you can do with food. (Bit like some apples are up to 12 months old when you buy them!)

  3. Agnes says:

    Oh gosh that decor is so bland… though I see they tried to liven things up by painting the ceiling yellow (?!!) :p

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