The Hatton Hotel and The Millswyn – Melbourne

Readers, I had a wardrobe malfunction.


OK, to be honest, it was more of a wardrobe mishap and it definitely wasn’t of the showing-bits-of-me-that-should-never-been-seen kind but I got your attention didn’t I?



J and I were staying at the gorgeous Hatton Hotel in South Yarra getting ready to go out for our anniversay dinner at The Botanical.


I pulled my shoes out of my bag only to discover that I had, in my haste, packed two different shoes!!! This was the dress I was wearing:

Both shoes were both black but one was open toed and the other was closed. I only had thongs or sneakers as an alternative. I even asked at reception but all they could provide was a pair of pink canvas slip-ons.


The restaurant was only around the corner so I thought I could walk around in thongs and have the shoes in my bag if needed. Turned out I needn’t have bothered, the restaurant was a lot more casual than we thought it would be.


I ended up making the the short walk in two different shoes and then changing into my thongs. I watched people as I walked past and only one girl noticed. I grinned at her and her friends and kept moving.


Oh, and something I didn’t tell J until four days later… Both shoes were for the right foot!!!! Bahahahahahaha


OK, this post is supposed to be about The Hatton and The Millswyn, not about my shoe issues, but I just had to share.


The Hatton is a boutique hotel in Park street South Yarra and a short walk to Domain road and also the Botanical gardens. With the number 8 tram stopping right outside it is also convenient to Chapel street and the city.

The front room serves as reception, the bar and also the breakfast room. There are chairs on the verandah if you want to sit outside.


All the staff we met were absolutely lovely and very helpful.


We had room 21, one of the superior rooms, located on the top floor. We both immediately loved the space and the view. Down the stairs there was a sink and bar fridge (complete with a jug of cold water, much appreciated on a 30+ degrees day), then the bathroom. It was a shower over bath number and the bath was so high a wooden stool was provided to help getting in and out.

We walked over to the Botanical Gardens and lay on the grass and listened to the cricket on J’s iPhone before heading back to the room and then up to the gorgeous rooftop balcony to have a celebratory glass of champagne.

After dinner we decided to again head back up to the roof but as it was now raining we quickly decided that the verandah downstairs would be a better option. I did get another photo of the city skyline though.

We got comfortable at the far end of the verandah, with a good view of the street and people coming and going, and also back into the main front room.

The next morning we went for a run around the Tan. Unlike most people who go straight to the cafes on Domain road, after our run we popped back to the hotel and showered and then walked around to The Millswyn.


The Millswyn is a little further along than the rest of the cafes on this strip and worth the walk as it was a lot less crowded. We were easily able to get seats in the front room.


I loved the fitout but won’t say much about it as The Millswyn is currently undergoing a renovation and will not look like the below pictures once finished. I am not even sure if it is still called The Millswyn, but I know there was plans for a more formal restaurant on one side and a cafe on the side the counter and bar were previously on, extending out onto the street.

I had an orange juice.

And poached eggs with bacon.

J ordered poached eggs with avocado and tomato but the tomato was missing. The gentleman who brought us our food (I think he was the maanger or owner) offered to get some tomato done but J said not to bother.


The service was a tad slow, but it was a nice breakfast and I would go back and check out the new incarnation of The Millswyn, whatever it may be called.


It was then time to check out and head home. We both loved The Hatton and were plotting before we even left when we can go back again.


Please feel free to share your own (or your friends) wardrobe malfunctions and mishaps in the comments below.

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