Chillin’ in Chapel Street

It was time for our regular catch up, and KB1, KB2 and myself decided to switch suburbs and try somewhere closer to KB1’s work so she didn’t have to make the trek (on public transport) to Fitzroy where we had dined on previous occasions.


Our destination was Borsch, Vodka and Tears, the Polish restaurant and vodka bar on Chapel street in South Yarra.


I arrived first and was seated at a window table, which didn’t offer the best view of the restaurant…

…but did have a great view of the passing parade.

The resturant is quite dark so sitting at the window on a sunny day was perfect.


I had read some negative reviews of service at Borsch, Vodka and Tears but apart from being a little slow to take our order at the beginning I found the staff great.


Being a Polish restaurant some of the food offerings are quite heavy (stews and mashed potato) and not what we felt like on a hot Melbourne day, but there was plenty of options and sharing is definitely the way to go here.


We started with the zakuski (a Polish style antipasto with a vegetarian selection of russian salad, roast capsicum, beetroot, char-grilled eggplant and zucchini, pumpkin, polish dill cucumbers, pickled mushroom, goats cheese and a basket of rye bread).

KB1 had been studying the drinks list while KB2 and I worked out the food, but she insisted we order pierogi, so we did!


Pierogi are traditional Polish dumplings and come with a choice of filling. We had the cheese and potato version with fried onion and sour cream. An entree serve is four pieces and a main, which we got, is six.

And then there were the crispy fetta and rice balls (lightly crumbed balls of rice, fetta cheese and herbs served with garlic mayonnaise). Handily, these came as a serving of three!

We didn’t really discuss the food (too many other things to talk about), but there was nothing left so I think it is safe to say we enjoyed it. It was all good, nothing was going to blow us away but we were comfortably full and satisfied.


I do have to mention KB1’s drink though, it had the best name; Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. :-)


Over dinner we decided we should do a mini food/drink crawl on Chapel street so abandoned Borsch Vodka and Tears and moved onto Ben and Jerry’s for dessert.

Ben and Jerry’s is an American ice-cream chain who have recently opened their first Australian stores in Melbourne.


They were doing a very good trade but the staff were friendly and happy to let people sample flavours. And sampling is very much required as there are many fantastic sounding ice-creams and it is hard to make a decision. KB1 and myself both tried two flavours before making a purchase, and as we sat on of the footpath tables we pondered how many flavours they would let people try and what is the polite number you should stop at?


I ended up with the strawberry cheesecake with strawberries and a thick cookie swirl, and the chocolate therapy chocolate with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream.

Very very good ice cream and it is probably a good thing I don’t live close to Chapel street.


Dessert done, it was time for an after-dinner beverage, so it was across the road to The Wolf and I.

It was pretty busy for a Tuesday night but we were able to get a table, which had a cool map on it.

I had a Hendricks and tonic (no cucumber which was a shame).


Being a week night, and with KB2 and I having to drive, this was the end of our evening, but we thoroughly enjoyed our evening on Chapel street.


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  1. Hehe we just went to Ben & Jerry’s Bondi last night! We ended up with the seven layer coconut cake one and the strawberry ice cream. It’s dangerously good stuff isn’t it? :)

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