Three Angels Woodfire Pizzeria – Melbourne

What do you normally do after a gruelling work-out session?


I am betting most of you don’t go out for pizza, pasta and wine with your trainer. I don’t normally either but it was Christmas, so lets make an exception OK?


My trainer, PG, knew of this little Italian place tucked away in a leafy street in Blackburn and after a quick call to her parents to confirm it still existed, we headed on over with PG taking all the back streets as she grew up in the area and knows it really well. I had no idea where I was!


The restaurant was Three Angels Woodfire Pizzeria, a family owned and run eclectic, dark and on this day, rather warm space, bordered by a hairdressers’s on one side and a bottle shop on the other.

Because of the heat inside (presumably from the wood-fired oven in the corner) we opted to sit outside.


Water in a pretty bottle was provided and the owner asked if we had any wine or beer.

Three Angels is purely BYO, they are not licenced. However, the owner did offer us some unopened bottles of wine that people had brought with them but left behind, and said he would only charge us the price of corkage. We cautiously agreed to this plan but unfortunately he could only find a bottle of shiraz and neither of us drink red. No fear, I did a quick dash to the bottle shop next door and purchased a bottle of riesling. I am sure the bottle shop does very well out of Three Angels patrons!


We agreed to share a pizza and a pasta.


There was no doubt once we saw it on the menu that we were going to have the wood-fired pasta ziti.


Ziti is penne pasta mixed with parmesan, ricotta, mozzarella and parsley and a layered Napoli sauce and your favourite ingredient, then garnished with red onion, fresh garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, roasted capsicum and sun-dried tomato and baked in the wood-fire oven.


There were nine options for our favourite ingredient and we selected tandoori chicken.

I have to admit that the above picture doesn’t make the ziti look the best but it was really good. There was a generous amount of chicken and the promise of fresh ingredients is clearly kept. The only slight negative was the amount of heat in the sauce. I expect a chicken tandoori to have some spice in it but this was hotter than expected. Still good though, and I couldn’t stop picking at it.


We also shared a prosciutto pizza with spinach.

Really good pizza, thin crust with lots of flavour.


When the food came out we declared it was too much and we would never eat it all, but we did! It was just too good.


After seeing our now empty wine bottle the owner again offered us some leftover alcohol, this time saying we could have the VB beer for nothing. We politely declined.


We wandered inside to pay and were told the total and how much it was each and there was no issue paying separately.


The place is a little quirky but I thought the quality of the food was really good.

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6 Responses to “Three Angels Woodfire Pizzeria – Melbourne”

  1. CheezyK says:

    It will come as no surprise that the words ‘Woodfire Pizzeria’ caught my eye … but when I spotted ‘Blackburn’ in the third paragraph I just about jumped out of my seat! The food looks great too so I will definitely be bookmarking this one … you haven’t sent me to a bad place yet :)

  2. Hehe now if I had a trainer that would take me places like this then I’d work out! 😛

  3. CCU says:

    Mmmmm I need to eat here one day 😀


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