Mrs Parma’s – Melbourne

Mrs Parma’s is a pub at the top end of the city specialising in that classic dish, the parmigiana.


I believe they do have non-parma options, but why bother?


Dad and I hit up Mrs Parma’s on Australia Day, before heading around the corner onto Spring street to see Jersey Boys.


The decor is typical pub style and there were only a few occupied tables when we arrived for our lunch booking. Though, I did notice a lot of tables with a reserved sing on them, and it did get busier while we were there.

The waitress seemed a bit flustered when she seated us, and we had to flag her down later when we were ready to order. Drinks are ordered at the bar and can be paid for straight up or added to your table tab.


The premise is simple, pick your parma protein (chicken, veal or eggplant) and your topping. There are 10+ toppings to chose from, and a daily special is written on the blackboard. All parmas come with chips and salad to share.


Dad chose a veal parma with the original topping (double smoked ham, napoli and cheese).

And I had chicken with Mexican (tomato salsa, sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos).

As you can no doubt see, the parmas are HUGE!


We had one bowl of chips and one salad to share and this was plenty between two, we didn’t need anymore.


Both parmas were excellent. Mrs Parma’s pride themselves on fresh quality ingredients and this was evident in the taste. We both really enjoyed our lunch but neither of us could finish our parmas.


The parmas are a little more expensive than your local (veal is $26 and chicken is $24) but the portion size and quality help make up for this.
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2 Responses to “Mrs Parma’s – Melbourne”

  1. Hannah says:

    Phwoar, look at those! The burnished cheese totally gets me.

  2. Libby says:

    Love Jersey Boys!

    Unfortunately, can’t say the same about Mrs Parma’s parmas… while they are huge, I found them a bit too dry on my visit. Granted, this was years ago so maybe this is not the case this time! I do remember liking their chips though!

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