Virginia Plain – Melbourne

Virginia Plain is another newcomer to what some would say is Melbourne’s most popular restaurant strip, Flinder’s Lane.


Differing from its neighbours in terms of space, this large warehouse restaurant also takes bookings. Hallelujah!


J and I were a bit early for our Friday night reservation, but as we like to do, we hopped up onto a bar stool each to enjoy a beverage and take in the surroundings.

It was still early, hence the empty tables, but it soon filled up.


I was feeling very indecisive about what to drink, and had a good chat to the lovely young lady behind the bar (sommelier?) about their orange wines. I was in the mood for something different but the only orange wine they were pouring by the glass that evening sounded like it would be to tannic for my tastes. I didn’t feel like an ordinary wine, or a G&T, but then my eyes saw the magic words, Blanc de blanc, my favourite style of bubbles. This particular variety came from the USA and was priced at the princely smn of $8 per glass. Now, it may not have been champagne, but it was damn fine, and for that price point I would definitely order it again.

We eventually headed over to our table and perused the menu. We didn’t feel like a degustation so went with a la carte.


The gentleman who served us to begin with was excellent, friendly and helpful with drink choices.


Bread was served.

J started with three Eaglehawk Bay pacific oysters, which I did not photograph, but he commented on how fresh they were.


He then moved onto the pigs trotters stuffed with black pudding, scallops and parsnip remoulade.

This dish caused some confusion when it was brought out as the waitress told us she had the scallops for us. I had no idea what she was talking about, but J remembered his dish had scallops on it, so figured this was his dish.


He liked the pigs trotters and black pudding but thought one scallop was underdone. He also said the parsnip remoulade, while needed to add some acidity to the dish, overpowered everything else.


I had the steak tartare, quail egg yolk and selection of garnishes.

When served, the dish containing the tartare was sitting on top of the garnishes dish and the waitress lifted the top dish to show me, which was appreciated. But I also would have liked a quick run-down on what all the garnishes were.


It was a good tartare though, and I liked the presentation and also the crunchy chips.


For main course I had the 240g poussin, hay baked ‘en papillote’, celeriac & pickled radish.

The poussin was lovely, but I would have liked more of it, and I found the celeric to be a bit overpowering.


J had the whole Yarra Valley rainbow trout deboned, summer green salad and caper butter.

He thoroughly enjoyed this dish. And was impressed not only be the deboning skills of the chef but the value for money of this dish ($35 for a whole trout).
We also ordered a herb and leaf salad and twice cooked hand cut chips. However, the chips were undercooked and we couldn’t eat them. We did mention this to the waitress who cleared our table and they were taken off the bill.


We had a mixed experience at Virginia Plain, both with the food and the service.
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2 Responses to “Virginia Plain – Melbourne”

  1. Hannah says:

    Despite my vegan tendencies, I love blood pudding and have been wanting to try steak tartare for ages…

  2. Libby says:

    I’ve yet to write about this place but I agree with you re: the mixed experience. I enjoyed my dish (which was the same as J’s) but the other dishes were just so-so and the service was all over the place…

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