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Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar is part of the Crown Metropol complex and occupies the space vacated by Gordon Ramsey’s Maze.


J and I were dining there with my friend from high school, Mrs Everheart, her husband and two little girls Miss M and Miss A.


The Everheart family were in town to take the girls to the zoo and were staying at Metropol, so Mr Hive was the logical choice.


J and I arrived about 10 minutes early and plonked ourselves up at the bar. J had a beer while I had a glass of Chandon. Some rather tasty popcorn was also provided.

Looking into the restaurant from the bar.

The Everheart family arrived and we went through to our table. I can’t remember what the decor was like in the Maze days but I believe it hasn’t been changed too much.

Placemats doubled as menus and a separate kids menu was also available. A high chair was already set up for Miss A (two years old). Miss M is almost four so she had a normal chair and happily coloured in and played throughout the evening.

We all liked the tea towel style serviettes.

Cookbooks and various knick knacks lined the shelves.

A zucchini  flower amuse bouche was served.

We ordered some bread to start with. I didn’t try the multigrain sourdough.

I did try the chilli corn bread and honey butter though.

Loved the butter, and the cornbread was the best I have enjoyed. J disagrees, he still likes Artisan’s version better.


J had the sashimi special to begin with.

He left most of it on the plate as it wasn’t that fresh.


I had the foie gras and chicken liver parfait, mulberries, toasted sourdough.

I really liked the smooth and subtle pate and it went perfectly with the bread.


For main course, Mr Everheart had the saltbush lamb rump, coco beans, tomato, olive.

And Mrs Everheart had the crispy Otway Pork belly, dashi, radish, cauliflower.

Both were very happy with their selections.


J and I both had the Cape Grim Hanger steak 250 g (TAS). When ordering, J asked the waitress what the steaks come with (doesn’t say on the menu) and she said sweet potato wedges.

What she didn’t mention was the onion relish stuff on top of the steak. The relish wasn’t to my taste, and I ended up pushing it all onto one end of the steak which I didn’t eat. The steak itself was OK, I didn’t think it had a lot of flavour.


We also ordered a mixed leaf salad and a serve of bubble and squeak.

I didn’t try the bubble and squeak but it was deemed a hit by J and Mr Everheart.


Miss M and Miss A had a bowl of chips each. :-)


The male waiter we had at the beginning of the meal was excellent, but the female waitress wasn’t as good, and seemed unsure when we asked questions.


Mr Hive has a dessert bar at the back of the restaurant and I had been eying it off all night. I asked another staff member (who I think was in charge) how we go about getting a seat at the bar and he said just to let him know when we were ready and he would move us across.


We did as instructed and lucky Miss A was wheeled across the restaurant in her high chair!


This was a Tuesday night and the restaurant wasn’t busy so we had the dessert bar to ourselves. I am not sure what the process is when it is full, maybe the bar operates on a first come first served basis.


We got ourselves settled and checked out the books and lollies on display. The blackboard lists what is on offer each night.

We ordered dessert with myself and Mr and Mrs Everheart all going for what is no doubt Mr Hive’s signature dessert, Mrs. Hive’s chocolate bar, peanuts, caramel. J had the summer berry Eton mess. It was great to be able to watch the pastry chef plate the desserts.

Mrs Everheart was so rapt in her dessert she claimed it to be in her top three desserts of all time!


After dessert we were given a small milk bottle containing almond milk, topped with a truffle. Pretty straws were provided for drinking the milk.

Miss M and Miss A were given ice cream with chocolate topping which went down rather well with both of them.


We were all then given a bag with two each of the lollies written on the blackboard.

It was a lovely evening catching up with friends, and while there were hits and misses with the food, I think Mr Hive is better than your average hotel restaurant.
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4 Responses to “Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar – Melbourne”

  1. Helen says:

    Hi there Em,

    What a pity that all your meals weren’t consistent! Some of them sound amazing – and I love the look of the dessert :) And the lolly bags – who doesn’t love lolly bags!!!

    I hope the Californian holiday is making up for it and that you and J are having a great time :)


  2. Catherine says:

    I find Mr Hive is better for desserts! I loved the freshness of the berry eton mess :)

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