Crown Metropol – Melbourne

How last minute have you ever booked a hotel? A week? A day? A few hours?


On the way into the city to have dinner at Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar with friends, J and I discussed staying at the Crown Metropol for the night. J was working in the city the next day, so it made sense to stay at a hotel, instead of driving back to the ‘burbs only to get up at 5:30 the next morning to come back into the city.


We weighed up the pros and cons, looked at other hotels, and then, as we were driving down Punt road, I made the booking on J’s smart phone.


A bit of traffic later and we were pulling into one of the car parks at the Crown Complex. A quick walk past some shops, and an elevator ride down to the ground level and we were checking in. Well, trying to. Why do we always get stuck behind people that have issues or lots of questions? And then when one gentleman become free, he took a phone call and then had to assist one of the other staff members. It was finally our turn and we were quickly processed (no issues or questions) and on our way to our double room.


Last minute bookings normally mean a low floor (8 in this case), but that was OK, we weren’t here for the view.


The room was a good size and had a semi-open bathroom. A door could be slid across for complete privacy.

Mini bar and wardrobe.

Lots of pillows to choose from!

The bathroom.

Own branded toiletries are provided.

Looking into the bathroom from the bedroom.

Nice to see something different from the usual white robe, and this was probably the plushest and softest I have seen.

I was disappointed to find what I thought were slippers were actually thongs. Practical for going to the pool, but not cosy for lounging around in.

We were on the city side of the hotel, and overlooked a car park.

I visited my friend’s room on level 26 later in the evening and they had a bay view, but there are a few buildings inbetween so I am not sure if paying extra for a bay view would be worth it.


After dinner J and I had a quick drink in the bar.

The next morning I had a swim while J used the gym.


You can see the pool as you exit the elevators.

You have to sign in at the reception desk and then go through the doors to reach the pool deck.

Check-out was similar to check-in, there was no-one in the queue in front of us, but we had to wait for a staff member to become free.


I think Crown Metropol is a lovely hotel and would stay there again if we needed a bed in the city.

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  1. Laur says:

    Looks pretty great! I love staying in hotels in the city!

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