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Shoya is a multi-level Japanese retaurant on Market Lane, next door to Flower Drum and across from HuTong.


Each level offers a different style of dining including smokeless Japanese style BBQ, traditional horigotatsustyle seating, and a sushi bar. There is also karaoke rooms and an executive lounge.


J and I visited on a Saturday night and when I booked I requested to be seated at the sushi bar.

We got started with drinks, a half bottle of Ruinart Brut Rosé.

Whe you are sitting at the sushi bar, you have to order something from the sushi chefs working away in front of you! We went the  Chef’s Omakase sushi (chef’s selction of premier sushi of the day).

It was not cheap at $6.50 per piece, but everything was super fresh and we both enjoyed it. I stuck to the white fish, but then J convinced me that I would like the seared scallop. Why he thought this I don’t know. And why I agreed to try it, I don’t know! We didn’t realise until later that fresh wasbai (from Tasmania) can be grated into your dish by the chefs (presumably for a supplement).


Miso soup is a must and Shoya’s version was excellent.

It is always fun to check out all the fish on offer at the sushi bar and watch the skill of the chefs. These frosted ice spheres were used to serve sashimi and the chefs were pumping them out. I counted eight of them lined up ready to go at one stage.

The champagne finished, we moved onto a half carafe of cold sake. I don’t know what it was, but it was sweeter than J expected, but I quite liked it and I am not normally a sake fan.

Next up was pork katsu.

Nice, but nothing to rave about.


Our final dish was teriyaki chicken.

Thankfully, we were given a knife and fork to cut this up with. It was the pick of the mains.


The service was fine, if a little awkward, as sitting at the bar the staff had to keep leaning over us.


We don’t really do Asian desserts so gave them a miss.


Our dinner was expensive, but we expect that in a Japanese restaurant and all in all, we enjoyed Shoya and would go back.
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  1. Piggyeatalot says:

    I used to love going to Shoya but I think the service and quality of food has gone downhill lately and I refused to go there again even though I craved for sushi and sashimi. Pity though cos their lunch deals are reasonably priced and it’s the place to take people for a nice lunch. Sigh.

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