Josef Chromy Cellar Door – Launceston

Located 15 minutes south of Launceston, the Josef Chromy winery and cellar door has come a long way since it first opened.


Starting off serving platters next to the tasting bar, not only has the wine list expanded, but a renovation has added a beautiful restaurant out the back.


And while you can still get platters and lighter meals in the cellar door, it was the restaurant J and I headed to on a recent visit.


It is a big space, which can easily be partitioned off into smaller sections, and offers lovely views over the paddocks and vineyards. And if you like an open kitchen, you will like this one. As you walk down the hallway from the cellar door to the restaurant you can see the chefs busily working away.

After a quick wine tasting, J and I were seated at a table in the middle of the room, and drinks were ordered.


We both had a glass of the Pepik sparkling rose. While I don’t like still rose wines, I do like it when it comes with bubbles. And this particular verson also has a place in my heart as we served it at our wedding.

A seasonal risotto special is offered each day, in either a main or entree size, and I was really liking the sound of this one until the waitress mentioned it had hot smoked salmon in it. B*gger.


J ordered it though, and fairly inhaled it. He did mention it would have been too fishy for me.

I instead went for the goats cheese and caramelised onion tart with wild roquette and house pickled onion.

I had seen this on the pass as we entered in the restaurant and I was not disappointed, it was amazing.


More wine was called for, and two glasses of chardonnay were procured.

For main course, J had the master stock chicken served fried with black rice, coriander and lime.

The dish on the side was filled with water so as to wash sticky fingers. This dish wasn’t what J expected but totally what I expected and I was more than happy to help out with some crunchy crispy chicken pieces.


Now, in a major blogger fail, I don’t have a photo of my main course, the King Island beef and vegetable pie with puree potato and red wine jus. The potato was gluey and I only ate two bites, but the pie was divine. Possibly the best pastry I have ever eaten with a tender flavoursome beef filling. The inside didn’t actually look that appetising but looks can be deceiving.


For full disclosure, the Josef Chromy winery is one of J’s clients. J had messaged the wine maker to say we would be lunching there that day, and as the wine maker had to pop in to check on some equipment before harvest started the next day (they work 24/7 during harvest!) he came over to say hi just as we were finishing lunch. J and he caught up and then the wine maker left to go about his chores. When we went to settle our bill, we found that the wine maker had paid for our glasses of wine. We did not expect this and were most grateful for his hospitality.


All the staff in the restaurant were bubbly and friendly and we had a lovely meal. They were getting ready to close down the restaurant to set up for their fourth wedding that weekend, it is very popular for weddings and other functions. I have seen the room done up for a wedding (on a previous visit) and it looked beautiful.


This is the entrance.

And the gardens out the front.

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  1. Hotly Spiced says:

    What beautiful grounds. And the food looks superb. i would have loved to have tried that risotto – it has a brilliant colour xx

  2. Hannah says:

    Rose and Chardonnay are my favourite wines, and goats cheese plus pickled anything? Sign me up!

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