Qantas International Business Lounge – Sydney

To find the Qantas International Business lounge, look for the Travelex desk next to a set of escalators once you have survived the duty free maze after security and immigration.


Go up the escalators, give a sad look at the door to the First Lounge, and continue to your left. The doors to the lounge slide open and you are greeted by staff who check your eligibility to enter, and in my case, comment on the old style boarding pass I had been issued in Melbourne.


Once granted permission to enter, the lounge spreads out on either side. It is a long narrowish space, and you arrive in the middle.


When I first arrived it was quite busy, but I managed to find a seat in a tucked away corner, where after going for a walk to check the rest of the lounge out, I enjoyed a glass of sparkling and some nuts.

As people began to leave to catch their flights, I was able to snag a seat next to the window. I could see the observation platform…

And also across to plane tails and the city in the distance.

This was the view from my seat…

The bathrooms…

This bar is in the middle section of the lounge and has snacks and drinks which you can help yourself to. I believe table service is offered at certain times of the day, but I could not find any information of when this is or what is on offer.

I didn’t taste any of the gelati, which was a mistake going by what my friend Panda said about it.

A decent selection of drinks can be found throughout the lounge.

I did find the food offerings to be a bit on the average side though.

If you haven’t brought sufficient reading material, magazines and newspapers are available.

At the far left end of the lounge there is the family zone.

More seating options…

As none of the hot foods really appealed, I made myself a ham roll, and also enjoyed a piece of tart.

After something to eat, I had a shower. The facilities are standard Qantas, with Molten Brown toiletries and I picked up towels and toothpaste and brush on the way in.

About half way through my visit the lounge practically cleared out, but then slowly filled up again. At this stage one of the staff decided to vacuumn. This was very loud and disruptive, and should have been done in the lull, and the cord was a tripping hazard. Ah well.


As I mentioned above, I was not sure about the food situation on the long bench, but I overheard the guy sitting behind me ask something of one of the staff, and then about 10 minutes later he received a plate with a steak and chips on it! The chips looked and smelt amazing, and if my plane had not been boarding shortly I would have got myself some.


As always, a Qantas lounge is a great way to spend the hours before a flight.

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