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The Public House in Richmond is on Church street, just down from the corner of Swan street.


I arrived first for our catch-up, with KB1 soon joining me at the bar. There is a happy hour on most nights and we took advantage of $5 house wines.


The interior, and eating area, surprised me. I was expecting something more pubby, and for there to be booths or something of that nature to dine in. I also expected more tables to eat at. Thankfully, I had made a booking that afternoon, and a table was waiting for us in the back corner.

KB2 joined us and we set about ordering more wine and perusing the menu.

We agreed upon the dip, flat bread and olives to start with, along with the hand cut chips, rosemary sea salt, ketchup, aioli.


No photos of these as it was way too dark.


But the dip, bread and olives were good, but we were disappointed in the chips. They were too big. We should have had the French fries instead. Take the biggest potato wedge you can think of and then put ten in a bowl and serve them up. As KB1 put it, there was not enough friedness and they were too potatey.


For main course, I decided on the sausages, garden peas, mash potato, onion jus. It was a cold wet Autumn day and this was exactly what I felt like. Though I did ask the waitress to Hold the Peas. 😉

And I resorted to one of my pet hates in restaurants, flash photography. There was no way I was getting a decent photo without it, and thankfully, no-one seemed to notice or care.


The mash and onion jus were brilliant, but the sausages were a bit tough.


KB1 had the only main vegetarian dish, the pan fried potato gnocchi, tallegio, sage, caramelised onion, roma tomatoes.

It was a smallish serve and lacked flavour.


KB2 had the Black Angus beef burger, pickle, bacon, truffle aioli, brioche, fries.

She liked how the pickle was served separately, but thought the burger was dry and did not like how it was served on a board.


Apart from when we were trying to flag someone down to get the bill, we found the service to be attentive and friendly. However, the food was average and I would not go back to eat there again. The happy hour is good value though, so I would go for a drink and then move on for dinner.
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The dessert menu was written above us on a blackboard but we didn’t feel like anything that was on offer, declaring we wanted something light and where was the nearest ice cream or gelati bar?


A quick search on a smart phone revealed very little in the vicinity, everything seems to be up on Bridge road.


So we went for a walk and ended up at The Sicilian on Swan Street. We were quickly seated with dessert menus in hand.


For three people who claimed they wanted something lighter for dessert, we failed miserbaly. :-)


We shared a tira mi su, (bottom dish in the photo), the double chocolate mousse cake with ice cream (top) and a chocolate covered ice cream.

Have to say the tira mi su was one of the best I have had, so light and fluffy. KB1 liked the mousse cake but I found it grainy and KB2 said it tastesd plasticky. The winner was the chocolate covered (coffee?) ice cream. So while not light, we were happy with our desserts.

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  1. Keren says:

    In a town of food and foodies it’s disappointing to end up at a pub with bad food … sounds like you ended well with a good “light” dessert though :)

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