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I have to admit, I was pretty excited when I heard Sake was coming to Melbourne, as J and I have had great dining experiences at both the Brisbane and Sydney restaurants.


It took us a little while to get there, but needing food in-between Comedy Festival shows offered a perfect excuse and a booking was made.


There was a wait for our table to be ready, but we were eventually led upstairs to the balcony seating. We were seated on the left, at the first table, so there was a lot of traffic with other diners getting to their tables and from the wait staff but it wasn’t too bad.

Looking back towards the stairs.

The place setting…

Table decoration…

The service was brisk and efficient, we soon had our first dish in front of us, the kingfish jalapeño (Hiramasa kingfish, yuzu soy, thin jalapeño slices and coriander).

As I am currently obsessed with jalapeños, I loved the kick that these gave. The whole dish was great, with the flavours perfectly balanced. It was a small serving for the price though.


Next to hit the table was the beef tataki (seared tenderloin, garlic chips, snow peas sprouts and tataki sauce).

Not sure the tomatoes were needed, but apart from that, another great dish.


I needed a dumpling fix so ordered the steamed wagyu dumplings (tasty steamed beef, ginger and chive
dumplings with spicy sour dipping sauce).

These were quite average and lacked flavour. We agreed that the dumplings I make are better.


If there is fried chicken on a menu, you can bet I will order it. This is the crispy chicken (karaage fried chicken pieces served with creamy spicy sauce).

Unlike the kingfish, this was a generous serve for the price. The first two or so pieces were lovely and crunchy, but the pieces on the bottom tasted a bit floury and dry (maybe because they had been sitting too long). I could have done with a second bowl of the spicy sauce.


J also ordered the sushi set (chef’s selection of nigiri, tamago, classic thin roll and miso soup).

I had two pieces and J had the rest. Everything was fresh, which is a must with sushi, but there was some green stuff on one of the pieces that tasted extremely unpleasan and had to be discretely spat out. I have to admit that we were too full to try the tamago and the rolls.


Every time a dish or drink was delivered to our table it seemed to be by a different person, and we did feel a little rushed at the beginning.


The food was good, but I am not convinced I would go back. I enjoyed our Brisbane and Sydney experiences better and there are other Japanese restaurants I would go back to before Sake.
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  1. I was stoked when I heard Sake was coming to Melbourne! Haven’t been to the Sydney one. I loved it when I went, even if it was for a quick visit :)

  2. Interesting about the different experiences. What a shame it wasn’t quite the same as the other ones. I wonder if they’ll settle in to become better? And hehe yes if there is fried chicken, I will order it! 😀

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