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From conversations had, and other blog posts read, it seems that Tokyo Teppanyaki has been on Chapel street since the beginning of time.


Teppanyaki is a fun dining experience when in a group, and this, plus the BYO policy, was one of the reasons it was chosen for J’s work dinner.


It was a chance for the company to welcome the new staff and get together while everyone is in the same city (doesn’t happen all that often at the moment). We were down in numbers due to illness, so there only ended up being nine of us on the night.


After entering the restaurant, we walked over a wooden bridge and were greeted by staff who showed us to our grill.

There are six teppanyaki set menus to choose from (a la carte is available if not sitting at a teppanyaki grill) and not everyone has to do the same set.


We thought it would be easier if we did the same set and the Tokyo set was selected. This is $80 per person and includes a bowl Miso soup and an entree of sushi, sashimi, California roll and a spring roll or yakitori (chicken skewer) and spring roll. Orders are taken for the entree and are served from the kitchen.


The teppanyaki grilled is then fired up and you get:

King Prawn
Teriyaki Chicken
Lamb Cutlet
Tenderloin Steak
Seasonal Grilled Vegetables
Vegetarian Fried Rice


Apparently this note on the website and menu had those who had not experienced teppanaki before a little nervous:

Note: Food & Egg catching is part of the fun of dining at Tokyo Teppanyaki Restaurant, however, the management will not take any responsibility for personal injury or accident



The waiter took orders for entree and in the process knocked my full glass of sparkling wine all over me. He was quite apologetic but not helpful in getting me dry and cleaned up. I had my serviette and the person next to me gave me theirs as well. I was then handed wet wipes by the staff. I still don’t know what I was supposed to do with them. They were not going to help dry my soaked jeans. The staff were also very slow in replacing my drink. In saying that, we did BYO all our wine, but they could have got me a fresh drink without me having to ask and neither did they offer any kind of compensation for the spillage. Nothing was said at the time but we expected that they would take the corkage for that bottle off the bill, but they didn’t. This caused a heated discussion at the end of the evening, and eventually we paid one less corkage charge. A friend that was there said she spoke to a friend of her’s the next day, and this person worked in hospitality and said at the very least they should have taken the corkage off the bill (or offered me a glass of their own wine) and also offered to pay for the dry cleaning of my clothes.


After that drama, all the entree orders were eventually sorted and we finally got some food. I had the chicken yakatori and spring roll.

The spring roll hardly had any filling in it, but the yakatori was pretty good.


This is the other entree, the sushi, sashimi, California roll and spring roll.

The miso soup was served next and I was surprised at how good it was. It had a great depth of flavour and a good amount of tofu.

While we were enjoying our soup, the teppanyaki grill was being prepared and the meat and seafood were brought out ready for the chef.

The prawns were the first to hit the grill. As I wasn’t having any seafood, I did not get anything to eat the first two rounds, but I was not worried about that, and I got extra chicken and beef to make up for it.

Everyone had their prawns and the legs and heads were saved to be served up last with the rice.


Cooking the scallops.

The chicken goes on.

I had read some very average reviews of the food at Tokyo Teppanyaki so was not expecting much. But I was pleasantly surprised by how tender all the meat was and the flavour was good too.

You will have to excuse the messy plates, the food is literally thrown onto each plate and you don’t get fresh ones at all.


After the chicken we had three pieces of lamb each, followed by the beef.

It was then time for some fun with the chef. These guys are pretty skilled at what they do, and I enjoyed watching our chef flipping and dicing throughout the evening.


He threw some eggs onto the grill to make an omelette and flipped the shells into people’s water glasses.

He then tossed pieces of egg at us to catch in our mouths. I failed miserably.


He then added the rest of the egg to the rice.

We then had to catch an empty bowl, and then use that to catch a bowl of rice. Only one bowl of rice hit the floor, thankfully it wasn’t me who dropped it!

That was our meal complete and we bade our chef good-bye.


Only one of the teppanyaki sets includes dessert and it is not the Tokyo one, so as we were still hungry, most of us ordered a dessert to round out the meal.


I asked for ice cream with topping and got this, it had surprise lychees at the bottom!

This was the fresh fruit platter.

And I presume this was green tea ice cream, fried by the look of it.

We did not get a thank you message form our chef, but the couple at the next grill did.

It was a fun night out, but I don’t think the price is worth it (I know we are paying for the show as well but still….). We did not feel full and combined with the poor service around the drink spillage I would not go back to Tokyo Teppanyaki. I know a lot of places where $80 per person will get you a much better food and service experience.
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  1. Pearl says:

    I’m often disappointed with the food at Teppanyaki restaurants which is a shame because it’s a really fun experience and those guys can perform some pretty amazing tricks. $80 per person does seem a bit steep too -(

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