High Tea at Chateau Yering – Yarra Valley

I honestly don’t get the difference between high tea and afternoon tea, but either way, eating sandwiches, scones and mini desserts is a fine way to spend an afternoon.


RD, Alli and myself headed out to the Yarra Valley to partake in Chateau Yering’s high tea. Held on Sundays, the high tea is $55pp and includes a glass of sparkling wine and a pot of tea each.


I believe the location varies depending on the day, but on this occasion we were seated in Eleonore’s restaurant.

It is a stunning room, and we also had a view over the garden where we got to see the helicopters take off later in the day.

We were poured a glass of Kellybrook bubbles.

While very nice, I am not sure why we got this wine while others around us got Domaine Chandon. Also, Chateau Yering is on the same grounds as Yering Station, who do an excellent sparkling, and you would think they would use that instead of something else. Though I guess Kellybrook and Domaine Chandon are still local.


The first round of food consisted of a smoked salmon bite, a fetta and beetroot tart and a selection of sandwiches.

The sandwiches were chicken, cheese and lettuce on white bread, a ham and cheese roll (dry) and Mediterranean vegetables on wholemeal bread.


After the savouries were done with (and staff did clear plates around us before we were totally finished on more than one occasion), the scone and sweets tier was brought out.

The top tier held lemon meringue tarts (my favourite for the day).

The middle tier held the scones (not warm).

And the bottom tier consisted of a raspberry cake, a pear slice thing (described by the others as being wet) and a lamington (tasted like it had been frozen).

Jam and cream were provided for the scones.

I did not get any pictures of the tea service but we each got a pot of our selected tea (very happy they had Jasmine) and a pot of hot water for topping up the teapots.


While the food wasn’t amazing, we couldn’t finish it all (and no-one needed dinner that night!), and we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon being ladies of leisure.
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  1. Helen says:

    Hi Em,

    The only high tea I really like (although I haven’t been to many others) is the one at the Windsor. Why? Mainly because they have a crepe station!! Oh my goodness. I just hang around that crepe station all day! A morning in the country sounds very nice though :)


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