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One of the things that J misses when he is in America is Asian food. They just don’t seem to do it on the same scale as us, or as good.


There are obviously exceptions to this, and it might be to do with where in the States he is based, but when he comes home he is always keen for some Peking duck and a dumpling or two.


We decided to go to Dumpling King for lunch the day after he returned from his recent trip, and were driving down Canterbury road past the Blackburn South shopping strip, when this conversation happened:


Me: We should try that place one day.

J: What place?

Me: Dumpling Kitchen, it was just there on the left.

J: Do you want to try it now?

Me: Yes.


We turned around, found a car park and walked over to Dumpling Kitchen. Two tables were already occupied and another two got taken while we were there.


A bit of research tells me the newest dumpling-restaurant-on-the-block opened in early March, and it is a clean neat space with better than average crockery and cutlery.

The waitress brought over a second menu so we could both have a look. Dumpling Kitchen specialises in Northern Chinese cuisine.


Complimentary prawn crackers were provided. Oh, and please excuse the quality of the photos; as I thought we were going to Dumpling King, I didn’t take my camera as I wasn’t going to blog it again, so when we ended up somewhere new I had to use the smart phone.

I had one prawn cracker, and then forgot about them as we were busy looking at the menu and talking. About 10 minutes later the table next to us received a bowl of crackers, and I thought ‘oh, must have another one of those’. But they had disappeared! J was a bit peckish (we had just done a 20km bike ride!). :-)


We shared a serve of the pork dumplings in spicy sauce.

The dumplings had a thickish skin and a good amount of filling. The sauce was a pleasing combination of sweet, hot and numbing.


We also shared a spring onion pancake.

It was soft and fluffy and it one of the best spring onions pancakes I have had.


There were specials written up above the counter and J asked for a half serve of the squid and pork dumplings. The waitress advised that as these would be made fresh this dish would take a bit longer to come out, but we were OK with that.

I didn’t try these but J liked them.


While the squid dumplings, plus some of the wontons on the menu, had half serves advertised, none of the other dumplings did, and I forgot to ask if half serves could be done, but will do so next time. When there is only two of you it is hard to try a lot of dishes when one plate of dumplings is 10-18 pieces.


The service was friendly and we enjoyed the dishes we had, and the bill was $21. We will definitely be going back to Dumpling Kitchen, and I think it will give the establishments on Station Street in Box Hill a run for their money.
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6 Responses to “Dumpling Kitchen – Melbourne”

  1. Catty says:

    This has been on my agenda to try for ages as a local!! Glad you liked it :) all the more incentive to go now…

  2. What a great find Em! I find the same with dumplings-I’d love a mixed basket or something so that I could try more :)

  3. Libby says:

    Yay another dumpling restaurant in the eastern suburbs! I do love the look of the spicy sauce dumplings :)

  4. Helen says:

    Hi Em,
    I love that you blog about food and cycling – you are a woman after my own heart!! I know your other half is in San Fran a fair bit – he should try Slanted Door – it’s great Asian. However, it’s not exactly cheap and cheerful. But I found the food to be delicious there.


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