Breakfast Round Up – Part Two

This is the second of my breakfast round up posts. The first can be found here.



To start off, we will go back to the Lilydale to Warburton rail trail and our third breakfast we experienced while bike riding on the trail. We have previously eaten at the Billy Goat Hill Brassiere in Mount Evelyn and the Carriage cafe in Seville. However, I think the Penny Olive Sourdough cafe is the pick of the cafes we have tried so far.

The space isn’t massive and most of the tables are communal. Get there early to grab a seat and to stock up on their wonderful bread, it sells out quickly.


The people behind the counter are the owners and are super friendly.

There are no eggs, beans or bacon here, so I had the avocado on toast with Meredith Dairy goat’s cheese.

I can’t say a bad word about this dish, simple but tasty.  J was also very happy with his granola.

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My next breakfast outing was with The Kiwi and KD at Miss Frank’s in Camberwell. This is the girl’s local and they have dined here on many occasions. To sum it up, The Kiwi says the service can be a bit average but the food makes up for it.


The entrance is confusing as there is more than one door. I ended up going through the combined shop front, cashier area to the dining area, which is on two levels.

Yay for jasmine tea, and yay again for pretty teacups and pots!

There is no menu online so I don’t have the full description of each dish but KD had muesli, which she loved.

The Kiwi built her own breakfast of poached eggs and avocado.

And I had the croque madame, which is essentially a ham and cheese toastie with an egg on top.

I think the cheese was gruyere, so it added a great flavour, and the chutney on the side was nice but probably not necessary. I had no issue with the service, we were served quickly and with smiles all around.

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My next two breakfast outings were solo affairs while J was away and I thought I should try out some of our local cafes.


The first was Barclays, tucked away at the very end of the Heathmont shops. Keren from Un caffè latte per favore had recommended Barclays to me ages ago (let’s not discuss exactly how long OK?) and I was glad to finally get there.


I arrived before 9am to beat the rush and was quickly shown to a table down the end of the narrow space.

I have been menu stalking Barclay’s online for a while now, and they have an excellent breakfast selection. In the end I decided on the Egg Sombrero (house made leek and potato hash brown topped with tomato relish, baby spinach, Barclays chilli beans and a poached egg). I probably should have read the description more closely, as this turned out to be a dreaded stack!

Though it did make for a good #eggporn photo.

Each of the elements were great, with the beans having an excellent kick to them, but there could have been less of them and I still would have been happy. It got a bit messy to eat once toppled over but it was filling. I have no idea what the black sauce was, but it was sticky and I got it everywhere and I don’t think a pretty pattern is that necessary on a breakfast plate.

Despite getting some funny looks from the staff (was it because I was alone or because I had a camera?) I did enjoy my breakfast at Barclay’s and am keen to go back and try some of the other options. They have two pastry or sweet counters. When I asked, I was told that the one closest to the cash register and the entrance contains house made goodies, and the other holds the brought in treats. I had already picked a raspberry and pistachio semolina cupcake from the brought in counter before I knew this, otherwise I wold have got something made in house.

A little too much icing for my liking but it was moist and made an excellent lunch after such a big breakfast!
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Another local cafe is Miss Polly, located in the Brittania Mall in Mitcham, off Whitehorse road.


The waitresses were slow to acknowledge me when I first entered but were friendly and efficient after I had seated myself.


There is more seating outside than in, but on a cold winter’s day everyone wanted to be inside. Though I don’t know why they kept the door open.

Ever since The Grandmother had pancakes way back in January I have been craving something similar. It only took eight months but I finally got them. Miss Polly does a version with grapefruit curd, berry coulis and fresh strawberries.

I am not sure about fresh strawberries in the middle of winter, but this dish totally hit the spot. The perfect balance of sweet and savoury it totally satisfied my cravings. It did go cold a little too quickly for my liking, probably a combination of putting cold stuff on top of hot pancakes, and the door being open letting in the cold air, but overall I was very happy.

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I am trying to go out for breakfast a little more often, so stay tuned for Breakfast Round Up Part 3

4 Responses to “Breakfast Round Up – Part Two”

  1. Samantha says:

    Yum! My husband loves going out for breakfast! I’m going to start documenting the places we go in Newcastle! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Em says:

      You’re welcome! I love going out for breakfast too, and there are so many different options to the standard eggs and bacons these days.

  2. Keren says:

    Oh my goodness, they really have turned that Eggs Sombrero into a stack haven’t they! It certainly didn’t look like that the last time I was there :). My folks are down this weekend and I suspect we’ll be back in there at some stage with them (it was there favourite haunt when they lived in Heathmont, the staff used to joke about renaming the Sombrero after my dad … he’s the reason it moved from the lunch menu to the brekky one).

    Penny Olive Sourdough sounds like it’s definitely worth a try, no eggs puts it right up The Sparky’s alley!

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