Breakfast Round Up – Part Three

Breakfast round up part three sticks to the Eastern suburbs, and I try to mix things up with some different dishes.


Our first stop is Snow Pony in Balwyn for a catch up with Nin and Andy. Nin and I agreed we should get there early, but even then we only just got a table. It was at the entrance to the back area and a bit awkward with staff constantly having to squeeze past.

I was feeling very average because I had succumbed to the bad cold/virus that had been doing the rounds of pretty much everyone I know, so thought some vitamin C in the form of orange juice might help.

J had the Bang Bang eggs (poached eggs on toasted grain bread with fresh spinach, roasted pepper salad, hazelnut dukkah).

He said it could have been a bit warmer.


Nin had the smashed avocado with thyme buttered mushrooms, marinated feta and torn basil on wholegrain toast.

Andy had the Giddy Up (poached eggs, bacon, slow roasted tomato, avocado and thyme buttered mushies).

I wasn’t feeling like a big breakfast so had the McPony (English muffin stuffed with ham off the bone, emmental cheese and creamy dreamy scrambles)

It may have only been small but it was packed with flavour and I really enjoyed it.


Snow Pony was nice enough, but I wouldn’t rush back, partly due to location and partly due to vibe, it wasn’t relaxing and while we weren’t rushed, it wasn’t the most welcoming of cafes.

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Moving much closer to home, there was much excitement around Mitcham when a new cafe opened up in the Rangeview shops. I think all my friends got there before I did!


In my defence I did try and have breakfast there one weekend but it was a Sunday and Two Brothers is not open on Sundays.


J and I finally got there one Saturday around 8:30am. We were seated in the window, with J on a chair and I was on a bench seat. The space is long and narrow, and there is seating out the back in a courtyard.

I loved the clean fit-out and the blue theme, from the prints on the wall, the coffee machine and the water bottles. I had to wait a few minutes to get the shot above, there was always someone standing at the counter waiting for a take away coffee!


I had a chocolate milkshake to start.

J had an OJ and the green goat (avocado mash on toasted multigrain with pea shoots, goat’s cheese and a poached egg).

I had eggs rangeview (poached eggs on sour dough with bacon, avocado mash and hollandaise).

Absolute perfection. Neither of could fault our breakfasts, we were very impressed.


And while I know some people have said the prices are expensive, I think both our dishes were reasonable at $15 each.


The menu is tight, with various egg options, a tortilla and pancakes. The two brothers were working the floor and coffee machine while we were there, with more floor staff coming on shift at 9am.


J and I are both very keen to go back and I think this could quickly become a regular weekend breakfast place for us. Did I mention that we can walk there?


One of my friends did ask the brothers about opening on Sundays (and everyone I talk to says it would be a good thing) but these guys are working the cafe six days a week and they need some down time to relax and spend time with their families. Fair enough. Maybe one day they will have the staff to open seven days, but until then I wish them all the best, they are a very welcome addition to the neighbourhood.

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The very next day after Two Brothers, we had a date with The Kiwi and KD at Red Cup on Whitehorse road in Box Hill. This cafe always looks busy when we drive past so it was agreed that an 8:30 breakfast would be a good option.


J and I walked in at 8:25 to a packed cafe. Clearly the locals do breakfast early around these parts. We were directed to the only free table, in the back corner on the left. There is another room out the back, and of course, tables outside, so don’t panic if you can’t immediately see a free table. And an hour later, the place was half empty so maybe later is better at Red Cup?

I had an apple, celery and carrot juice in a bid to be healthy.

J and the girls all had coffees, and to eat J had a baked eggs dish. He said after it arrived that he can see why half serves are offered for a $1 less.

I picked out some of the chorizo pieces and they were very tasty.


KD had the chicken sandwich.

It was a very generous serve but they did forget to bring out the sauce. That arrived separately about 10 minutes after the main dish.


The Kiwi had poached eggs with avocado.

I undid my healthy juice by having pancakes with preserved lemon and lemon cream.

They were a tad burnt on the edges but I wasn’t going to send them back, we had waited too long as it was and had asked about the whereabouts of our food.


I don’t like eating preserved lemons as is, they are too hard, so I pushed them to the side. The pancakes and lemon cream were good and stayed warm for longer than Miss Polly’s version, but overall I preferred the flavours of Miss Polly’s.

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Out of these three breakfasts Two Brothers is the clear favourite. I might revisit Red Cup but being able to walk to Two Brothers really gives it an edge.

8 Responses to “Breakfast Round Up – Part Three”

  1. Keren says:

    I wish I could convey the wide mouthed, silent excitement I felt at reading the words ‘new cafe’ and ‘Mitcham’ in the same sentence!! So glad to hear that it is good too. Must, must, must get there soon to try it for ourselves.

  2. So thrilled to hear about Two Brothers! Looks fabulous :) How’s their coffee?

    • Em says:

      We didn’t have any coffee, I don’t drink it, and J only has long blacks and had already had one at home before we went around to Two Brothers. A few friends have had coffee there and I think it has been given the thumbs up.

  3. Shannon says:

    I had the coffee (skinny latte) and it was lovely!

    Two Brothers is just about at the end of my street, and yet I only noticed they were there about 3 days ago – oops! Much excitement! We tried them this morning – fabulous! I had the Pina Colada pancakes, and my daughter had the Two Brothers Bircher. Nothing to fault, delicious all round. We’ll be regulars for sure.

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