Shandong Mama and the Park Hyatt – Melbourne

A night in the city to celebrate J’s birthday meant an opportunity to check out another dumpling establishment.


I had seen mainly positive reviews of Shandong Mama so dragged J there for lunch before we headed off to see King Kong (on a side note, the puppetry was amazing, worth it just for that).


I think J was disappointed when I rushed him past Market lane, and therefore HuTong, but I wanted to try somewhere different.


Shandong Mama is tucked away in a shopping arcade, and is very basic in decor.


They have a wide selection of dumplings, with some more interesting flavours that are definitely not traditional. Howver, we kept it pretty simple.


We kicked proceedings off with a spring onion pancake. I always enjoy seeing the different variations of this dish, from flat pizza like versions, to the one below which reminds me of a bakery scroll.

Crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside, this was a very good variation.


A round of dumplings were a must, and we decided on the pork and cabbage filling.

The skin was a good thickness and the filling was plentiful and tasty.


To get around the whole don’t-want-to-order-another-plate-of-15-dumplings-but-want-just-a-few-more dilemma, J ordered a chicken wonton soup.

I did ask J if he was going to only eat the wontons and leave the soup, but no, we did polish off most of the bowl between us.


We were happy with the quality of food at Shandong Mama but I think HuTong is still our favourite city dumpling destination.

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After we watched a giant ape fall in love with a lady we were able to check into our accommodation at the Park Hyatt.


We were in a Park View King room and I was surprised by how big it was.

The walk in wardrobe (with gowns and slippers) went through into the bathroom, which had a shower, double sinks and a bath. The toilet was separate.

The bathroom was also accessible through double sliding doors opposite the bed.

We only interacted with the front desk staff, who were professional and friendly. Valet parking is available at $50 per night and the hotel had a gym, pool and day spa onsite.


Dinner that evening was an exceptional meal at Grossi Florentino.

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  1. Cindy says:

    I love that Shandong pancake!

  2. Oh my goodness that room is ridiculously big – amazing – so luxurious!

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