The Brewhouse – Melbourne

Decent restaurants are a little thin on the ground in the outer Eastern ‘burbs, so I was very interested when one of my tennis team mates said The Brewhouse in Ringwood East does good food.


I was keen to check it out, so booked myself, J, RD and BD in for dinner one Saturday night in September.


I believe the Brewhouse has only been in operation since around March of this year and most reviews focus on its breakfast and lunch offerings. They open for dinner Friday and Saturday nights.


It is a small space with graffiti on the walls, along with the wine, beer and cider lists.

There were two groups in that night, plus a family of four next to us and a couple in the window.

A short succinct menu (which I believe is changed weekly) made ordering easy, and we all had the same entree, sliced duck breast on a coriander crepe with hoisin sauce.

By far the best dish of the night, perfectly balanced flavours, textures etc. We all loved this dish.


For main course J and RD both had the crispy skinned Tasmanian salmon sitting on a sour cream mash and topped with a dill hollandaise and served with lemon infused greens.

BD and I both had the Black Angus beef burger in a burger bun with sliced cheese, tomato, spinach, relish and a jalapeno aioli with fat chips.

I did have to use my knife and fork for this bad boy. A pretty good burger and the chips were excellent.


We decided to share the two desserts between the four us.


The first was the Brewhouse’s homemade pavlova served with cream and berries.

The second was the individual warm chocolate pudding served with vanilla ice-cream.

While I liked the fork and spoon pattern, both RD and I were disappointed when we saw this dessert. We had seen it come out at the next table, and the pudding was in a little copper saucepan and looked a lot better.


The pudding was nice but I actually enjoyed the pavlova (which seemed to be just meringue with cream on top, not a true pav) more, which is surprising for me.


There were two wait staff on the floor and they were busy all night, but friendly when we got their attention. My glass of sparkling was forgotten about but I got it eventually.


The Brewhouse does home-style food, and there is nothing wrong with that. I think a few tweaks are required but overall I believe this will be a very welcome addition to the ‘burbs.
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  1. Keren says:

    HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD ABOUT THIS PLACE BEFORE?! Hhmmmm, sorry. I think we’ve been so focused on good places outside of this area we’ve missed that there are good things going on so close.

  2. Sounds like overall a rather decent meal! 😀 I always love meringue, fruit and cream.

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