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I drive past the bright pink awning of Persian Flavours on my way to and from work everyday, but have never been that interested in dining there.


But when my friend Fi suggested it for our regular Mitcham Girls’ dinner with Ali and RD, I figured we might as well give it a go. There are some slightly concerning reviews on Urbanspoon (raw meat and drunk owners) but it was agreed that, at the least, we would be in for an entertaining evening and could always find somewhere else if the need to walk out struck us.


There is a small shop front and counter when you enter, and the main dining room is to the left. There is also a small room down the back. We were surprised at how packed the place was, especially for a Tuesday night.

We didn’t really know what to order so thought we would try a little of everything and also ask the waitress for recommendations. That is, if we could get her attention. I would sum the service up an non-existent.


We eventually placed our order and then there was another long wait for the food to arrive. And when it did, we pounced on it, we were all starving!


We had ordered the special kebab, and all kebabs come with a side salad and plain nan (spelt like that on the menu, not naan).

The special kebab had chicken kebabs, lamb kebabs, lamb chops and two prawns.

We also ordered extra garlic nan.

We shared a butter chicken (charcoal chicken cooked with onion, garlic, cashew nuts, gravy and butter sauce) and a side of fries.

I wouldn’t think that fries are¬†particularly Persian (feel free to correct me if I am wrong) but once we saw them on the menu we had to have a serve (at least two of us have a chips/fries addiction). The ladies on the table next to us were wrapping their fries in the bread, kebab style, so we did the same.


We had seen the beryani come out at another table and it looked good, so we went with the lamb version (with saffron rice, fresh tomatoes, onion, cashew nuts).

I thought it was a touch dry but we had a variety of sauces to help that with that.


We also ordered the potato palak (potatoes, spinach, onion and fresh tomatoes cooked in a gravy sauce) but had to remind the staff about this one as it didn’t turn up with the rest of the dishes.

The only complaint about this dish was there could have been more potatoes in it.


This is the restaurant later in the evening, though there was a couple to the left of shot who came in for a late dinner at 9pm.

We weren’t offered any dessert, or even the bill, after our main dishes were cleared. There is no dessert menu online so maybe they don’t do sweet stuff. We sat and chatted for quite a while before we eventually caught someone’s eye and asked for the bill.


We all liked the food and thought it was tasty and well-priced. I don’t know what makes it Persian, it was very much like what I get at my local Indian restaurant, and for that point alone I wouldn’t go back. Maybe we should have ordered different dishes? As I said the service was non-existent, but for a place like that to be so busy on a Tuesday night they must be doing something right.

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